Colt CM16A1 Aspect 1 ⋆


The M16A1 is an iconic piece of American history. Conveniently identifiable by silhouette.

The moment I study that Colt was going to sell a new production run of M16A1 clone rifles, I knew I was going to get 1. Then I saw the value and decided I could wait a even though. Only 2500 of these rifles have been produced

Most dealers had them listed for $2500. A couple of had them closer to 21-2200. I waited as extended as I could. When the news came out of Colt pausing civilian sales, I knew that persons would go nuts and commence to panic. So I went ahead and broke out the credit card and order 1 at the least expensive spot I could obtain it. I’m quite glad I did. I also began digging although all my junk and promoting off stuff I didn’t want. Involving ordering the rifle and the time I received it, I ended up promoting adequate stuff to offset the expense. I should really have carried out that extended ago.

It showed up at my dealer, in the regular Colt box. Blue plastic wrap as an alternative of the clear I am employed also. But I have given that then observed that the uppers that are sold separately also wrapped in the exact same blue plastic.

Also in the box is a Colt AR15 manual, 20 round magazine, black silent sling, and a variety two three prong flash hider.

My very first impressions. It is great. It is the nicest Colt I have ever observed. Absolutely everyone I have shown it also has also been impressed by it. Out of the box it was flawless. I’ve been utilizing it, so it is not staying that way.

I’ve been handling and utilizing the Capco A2 I purchased lately. I’ve been considering about how light and handy that is. Right after utilizing this A1 for a even though, going back to the A2 tends to make it really feel like a heavy pig. What a distinction.

My very first shots out of it produced me enjoy it even much more.

There are lots of persons on the internet whining about this gun. That it is also high-priced, that it is not appropriate, or that the finish is incorrect, and so on. I’ll address some of these in a stick to up post.

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