Firewood Close to Me – and Exactly where can I can no cost firewood?


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We all adore the warmth of a fire, nevertheless, obtaining firewood can frequently be difficult. You might be asking what kind of wood need to I use? How to come across firewood close to me? Exactly where can I get no cost firewood? I’m right here to support answer all these concerns and much more.

What Variety Of Firewood Need to You Use? 

If you are going to place out the power and time to reduce, split, and adequately retailer firewood, you want to know you are becoming as effective as doable. No use wasting beneficial time when there could possibly be an less complicated way, correct? The query is, how do you know which are the very best trees for firewood.

Some Folks say it does not matter what sort of wood you burn in a wood stove or furnace as lengthy as it is seasoned adequately. Though adequately seasoned firewood is a enormous aspect in how wood performs, there are other elements to take into account. To see what wood is very best for burning in your fireplace, study this write-up by the Old Farmer’s Almanac. 

From what I have seasoned and was taught by my grandfather, 1 of the factors you also ought to take into account is what kind of wood will meet a certain will need. He was a logger just before he was married and logged, as effectively as farmed, most all his life. 

You might be cooking on a wood stove, heating the home with a wood burner or making use of wood stove water heat exchange. You need to know, not all wood is made equal for each job on the homestead.

Which are the very best trees for firewood?

So what tends to make the very best trees for firewood? The answer depends on exactly where you reside and what you have obtainable in your area of the planet. In some regions, you have an abundant provide of hardwood. In other locations, there’s a higher provide of softwoods.

If you only use firewood a handful of occasions a year you might want to go with dry softwood like fir. It requires much less time to dry and has a superb fragrance which creates a beautiful ambiance. You will come across it quick to light and split. The downside of fir and other softwoods is they do not burn as lengthy as most hardwoods. This suggests you will have to feed the fire much more regularly.

If you use wood as your major supply of heat, you might want to attempt hardwoods. A stove loaded with oak at bedtime can nonetheless be going when you get up in the morning. You might spend much more per cord for hardwoods. I’ve noticed higher-top quality kiln-dried wood go for $300 a cord of Oak compared to $225-$250 for a cord of softwood. The Oak is denser, so you get a small much more bang for your heating buck in the lengthy run.

The very best course of action, in my opinion, is to have some softwood split quite smaller like 4 inches in diameter to use for kindling and hardwood to place on major to catch and continue to burn to make the very best BTU’s for your heating requirements. This provides you an quick-to-begin fire which will continue to make lengthy-lasting heat and a bed of coals for quite a few hours.
Based on the efficiency of your wood burner and how a great deal air you place to the fire, you can have a bed of coals for a couple of days.

Firewood Close to Me and Totally free Firewood

If you do not have a provide of hardwoods on your personal land, you will will need to come across a nearby supply. We applied to reside by the beach in a tourist neighborhood. Cutting trees down was against the law so we had been constantly attempting to come across firewood close to me was constantly challenging. We only applied wood heat in the winter (to support us save on electrical energy). As you can envision, obtaining firewood was very significant.

We would obtain firewood from the 1 and only man that sold it in our region but he was quite high priced. He would sell a truckload for $95.00 and it wasn’t even a complete face cord of wood. When I asked if that value was for a complete cord, he just replied ‘it’s a truckload’. I then asked ‘is it a complete-size truck or a mini truck?’

Totally free Firewood

Soon after my reluctance to spend nearly $100 for a ‘truckload’ of firewood, I was determined to come across firewood on the low-cost or no cost. Right here are some locations I’ve had luck obtaining firewood close to me. 

  • Building web pages. When land is cleared to make a residence, the contractor or homeowner has to spend to have the lumber removed. This is the fantastic chance to score some no cost firewood. 
  • Facebook Industry/Craigslist/Classifieds. I’m constantly seeing advertisements for “FREE FIREWOOD’ in the locations I just described. Largely, they are persons who had a tree reduce down and it charges added to have the wood hauled off so they hope to save revenue by providing no cost firewood. 
  • Electric Organization. The energy organization hires tree service contractors to trim the lines from time to time. You can contact and ask who they have hired to trim the lines and speak to the contractor about having no cost wood. We did this just a couple of months ago and the tree service organization was thrilled to bring us their cuttings so they didn’t have to haul it to town. 
  • Tree Service or Landscape Service. Tree and Landscape service businesses have to spend to haul off their debris. Normally, they appreciate these prepared to take their scraps off their hands. 
  • Storm Cleanup. We just moved from the coast exactly where we seasoned much more than our fair share of hurricanes. Soon after the storm had passed, it was time for cleanup. This meant a plethora of Totally free firewood. As an added bonus, we had been carrying out our great deed by assisting these who didn’t have chainsaws eliminate undesirable trees. It was a win-win.

Firewood Details

  • We can all agree that seasoned wood will constantly outperform green or snag wood as it is referred to as.
  • It is constantly significant to try to remember the excellent moisture content material of cured wood is beneath 20% in your split firewood. Some persons use a moisture meter to know when the correct moisture level is reached.
  • Wood that has not been seasoned for at least a year is frequently challenging to light and might retain going out. It will smolder and will not place out a great deal heat. It just frequently burns poorly.
  • The moisture in green wood causes most of the creosote to make up at an alarming price. The more quickly the creosote builds up in your chimney the much more frequently you ought to clean out the stove and chimney. Frequent cleaning can stop a fire from beginning in the pipe and burning your roof or residence.
  • Wet wood causes the complete program to be inefficient. Dry wood, on the other hand, produces a hot fire. Which in turn tends to make a hot flue, and a hot flue suggests a great deal much less creosote buildup.

If you obtain your firewood, you want to be positive the wood you are shopping for has been seasoned for at least a year and stored in a way which prevents moisture from soaking in each time it rains. Seasoned wood appears dark, or gray when compared to the green wood of the identical sort. When you split it, you will come across it brittle with cracks operating by means of each and every piece.

Softwoods, when adequately stored, need to be dry sufficient following 1 year to burn effectively. Nevertheless, we have discovered 1 year is not sufficient for hardwoods to make the most effective heat.

Firewood Storage

After you get your firewood, you will will need to retailer it. If you have applied wood as your heating or cooking supply for any length of time, then you know the important to heat production is in adequately drying and storing firewood. We want to share what we’ve discovered with you more than the years about drying and firewood storage. Obtain out much more in our write-up, The Ideal Guidelines For Firewood Storage.

DIY Firepit

Do not have an indoor fireplace? No trouble. We’ve constructed a couple of quick to set up DIY fire pits and share a swift step-by-step with you right here. DIY Fire Pit- Swift, Uncomplicated, and Inexpensive. 

Wood Ash

Soon after the embers have died and the ask is cool there’s 1 issue remaining, what to do with all the wood ash? Think it or not, there are a TON of wonderful utilizes for your wood ash. From melting ice to clearing algae from your pond. Obtain out how to use your wood ash in our write-up, 10+ Astounding Strategies to Use Wood Ash. 

Is there a certain kind of tree in your area which tends to make the very best trees for firewood?

Do you have practical experience harvesting firewood or obtaining no cost firewood in a location I didn’t mention? Please share your practical experience with us.

Lastly, I would ask neighbors that have or had fireplaces. We had a neighbor who had firewood that necessary to be applied given that he wasn’t residence lengthy sufficient to man the fire. It is constantly great to ask a neighbor. 



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