Patriot Picket Founder Jeff Hulbert Ejected From Residence Judiciary Hearing ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Hearing


[ED: Earlier this year, when Maryland’s legislature was considering a range of new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, a local group called Patriot Picket attended the committee hearings in Annapolis letting legislators know that they would not comply. Read our post on the the group and the anti-gunners’ resulting freak-out here.  

On Wednesday, Patriot Picket founder Jeff Hulbert attended the House Judiciary Committee hearings on the assault weapons ban bill currently being considered by Congress.]

By Jeff Hulbert

On Wednesday, I was ejected from the Federal Assault Weapons Ban hearings on Capitol Hill when I arose from the public gallery to declare that I and millions of other AR-15 owners WILL NOT COMPLY with attempts to confiscate our firearms. I was wearing our “We Will Not Comply” shirt that also showcases our Patriot Picket logo, along with the challenge “Come &amp Take It.”

I rose to my feet in the Residence Judiciary Committee hearing area to respond straight to the Assault Weapons Ban bill sponsor, Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilline, just after his blistering and distorted presentation about so-known as “assault weapons”.

Whilst I was speaking, the acknowledged gun-hating Congressman Ted Deutch rapped the gavel repeatedly. Nevertheless, I managed to speak for about 45 seconds for the duration of the time the Capitol Police have been attempting to eject me from the area.

Jeff Hulbert assault weapons ban patriot picket

Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Under is the transcript of what the Residence Members heard much more clearly than these behind me:

Congressman, I am right here to testify on behalf of millions of American rifle owners!

AR-15s and other rifles like it are in “common use” in the United States, and are protected by the 2nd Amendment as described by the Supreme Court!

We will not comply with any of the Democrat Leftists….we will not comply with any efforts to ban or confiscate our legally owned home. We will not give them up! I speak on behalf of millions of owners who WILL NOT COMPLY with Radical Leftist plans to confiscate or ban our legally owned home!

This episode was captured in pictures and on video thanks to my Patriot Picket group joining me in the gallery (as noticed in hyperlinks under). Also, my “outburst” and ejection have been recorded on the reside-stream C-SPAN broadcast of the hearings, with that hyperlink also listed under.

Jeff Hulbert Patriot Picket

A man in the audience is removed just after disrupting a Residence Judiciary Committee hearing on assault weapons on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

This was not a spontaneous outburst, but a planned demonstration by me and my group that was place into motion inside hours of the Democrats announcing their Federal Assault Weapons Ban hearings. We arrived much more than 3 hours ahead of time to safe the very first spaces in line.

Whilst at the hearings, we have been allied with the state representatives of the DC Project, a group of females from all 50 states who journey to the nation’s capital to lobby Congress about firearm rights. Our presence of much more than a dozen prevented the anti-gun lobby from filling each seat in the gallery with gun haters.

Sitting beside me was legendary 2A plaintiff Dick Heller of Heller v. District of Columbia fame. He is pictured under, posing in between me and my brother, Kevin Hulbert.

Jeff Hulbert (L) Dick Heller (C) Kevin Hulbert (R) (Image courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Right here is the hyperlink to C-SPAN’s coverage of the complete hearing (my ejection takes place at the 1:29:58 mark):

Not extended just after I was ejected, the founder of the DC Project, Dianna Muller declared this from the testimony table as an invited speaker:

My target right here is to educate individuals. We are law-abiding, accountable gun owners and please do not legislate the150 million individuals just like me into becoming criminals…..

….And like the gentleman that just got escorted out, I will not comply with the Assault Weapons Ban.

As the leader of the Patriot Picket, I chose to go to Capitol Hill to conduct what I get in touch with “citizen testimony” to counter the overwhelming onslaught of distorted, biased testimony brought forth by the paid lackeys for Michael Bloomberg, the Brady Organization, Moms Demand Actions and the other gun-confiscation groups. I have now switched from calling these organizations “gun handle groups” since of the current revelations nationwide that these groups are focused on confiscation, not just limitations on the 2nd Amendment.

You may perhaps obtain our Patriot Picket Facebook web page right here:

Our Patriot Picket internet web page is right here:

Regardless of calls of some of the anti-gunners in the area to “Take him to jail,” I was not arrested, but treated with respect by the Capitol Police as they escorted me from the Rayburn Creating.

It is my hope, and the hope of my fellow crew members in the Patriot Picket that demonstrations like this will energize my fellow firearms owners—and specifically these owning what the gun haters get in touch with “assault weapons”—to speak up and speak out anytime they encounter individuals who want to confiscate or ban our firearms. We should not let firearm opponents to chip away at our rights and undoubtedly not let them to take them in violation of the 2nd Amendment.



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