The Best Ways to Clean and Fogproof Your Lenses


Zeiss lens wipes
Moistened lens wipes are the safest way to clean optics without creating scratches.Zeiss

Other than being expensive, all sporting optics, sunglasses, and electronics have one thing in common—they incorporate some sort of glass or polycarbonate screen or lens. That is, after all, what you are paying for in a $500 binocular or $150 pair of shades. Wiping off dirt and grime with the tail of your shirt is a good way to ruin an expensive bit of gear. Clean correctly with a professional lens or screen-cleaning product, and it will be money well spent.

Micro Wipes for Optics

Zeiss lens wipes
You pay a lot for quality glass, so don’t ruin it with abrasive wipes.Zeiss

For high-end optics, pre-moistened wipes are the order of the day. They won’t streak or scratch and are made from materials that are fine enough to remove dust and lint from the tightest corners. They usually are sold as boxes of individual packages so you can take only what you need into the field.

Towelettes for Electronics

Endust screen wipes
Disposable lens-cleaning wipes are easy to use and affordable.Endust

GPS units, phones, tablets, chart plotters, and computer screens all have their own maintenance considerations. Static electricity makes them a magnet for dust and debris, and by their very nature they are susceptible to oil and grime from handling. A can of full-size wipes will spiff up anything from smartphones to wide-screen televisions.

Anti-Fog for Lenses

Cat crap anti fog lens cleaner
Anti-fog spray keeps your lenses clear no matter the weather conditions.EK USA

Anyone working or playing in cold weather knows what a hassle lens fogging can be. A sudden layer of fog can render even the most expensive sunglasses or ski goggles useless. Anti-fog solutions gently coat the lens to prevent fog from forming so you can keep your eyes on the water, slope, or target.


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