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Dave’s Woods Bag

This is a guest post by Dave.

Primarily based on much more than 20 years of expertise as a law enforcement officer and my experiences in deployed environments and by way of a handful of quite hard life lessons, I know that you just in no way can inform when an “emergency” predicament will take place.  Primarily based on this I (like several other individuals) sustain a Bug Out Bag (also referred to as a 72 hour pack or a BOB) just in case I will need to leave my household in a hurry due to a climate disaster, fire, terrorist attack, and so on.  I also sustain a Get House Bag in my car.  The Get House Bag has anything I would will need in it to “Get Home” in case I have to go on foot or basically survive if my car is stranded for a handful of days.  When I was in the military I maintained an Escape and Evasion bag (E&ampE bag).  When I was a cop I had an Active Shooter Bag.  All of these bags are quite typical.  What I would like to present in this short article is what I get in touch with my “Woods Bag”.

For a appear at JJ’s Get House Bag, take a appear at this post: https://www.realitysurvival.com/get-household-bag/

For me a Woods Bag (or what ever name you give it) is a bag developed particularly to carry though hiking or functioning in the woods (or any wilderness region).  The Woods Bag, smaller sized and much less obtrusive than a complete back pack and is very basically a kit that holds your typical wilderness survival gear.  It can be a fanny pack, a shoulder strap bag, little back pack, or even a little private survival kit developed to match into a cargo pocket.  The woods bag is nothing at all much more than a little bag committed for survival in the wilderness.

The bag I opt for for my Woods Bag is the Maxpedition brand Versipack http://www.maxpedition.com/?gclid=CI6dt5OavbICFdEWMgoddzIAyg/.  Maxpedition tends to make terrific gear that will final a life time.  The Versipack is a satchel style shoulder pack. OK, let’s address the elephant in the space correct up front shall we?  Yes, it is technically a man purse. That stated, I checked with the Official Man Card Referees and this does in truth get a pass.  The Maxpedition Versipack is “tactical”, practically indestructible, comes in rugged colors (mine is OD green), and can carry a pistol.  I really feel quite safe in my manhood wearing this pack in the wilderness (even so I nevertheless do not put on it to the mall just to be secure).

I have the version of the Maxpedition Verispak that hangs on my left side considering that I generally carry a pistol on my correct hip, a rifle in my correct hand or a compound bow in my correct hand.  When I am in the field with my bow I normally carry my pistol in one particular of the pouches of my Versipack.  I like anything on my left side though shooting my bow so that my correct side is totally free of obstructions.  The inner pouch (what I look at the gun pouch) is capable of concealing a rather substantial handgun.  I can conveniently conceal my Ruger GP100 (.357 Mag) with a three in barrel, which occurs to be my woods gun.  If I really feel the will need to step up in energy, the Maxpedition Versipack can also accommodate my Smith &ampWesson 629 Mountain Gun (.44Mag) with a four inch barrel.  However, it is a quite tight match and the draw is a bit cumbersome.  In addition to a handgun (if you so opt for) the Woods Bag can carry all the emergency things that you could will need to hold you alive in the wilderness for a brief period of time as nicely.  For a appear at the things in my Woods Bag please watch the video beneath!

Contents of My Woods Bag

A single Liter bottle of water in the side pocket.

A single D ring and one particular photon light clipped to the outdoors.

Leading pocket: Flashlight, glow stick, matches, lighter,  metal match

Flap pouch: Poncho, paper, pen duct tape

Front Pouch: Med kit, mole skin, heavy duty space blanket/shelter

Side Pocket: Monocular, water purification tabs, CRKT knife, Coleman towel

Principal Pouch: Gloves, Sterno fuel, compass, headlamp, 550 cord, whistle, space for meals

1 Liter Water Bottle and Headlamp

Like I stated just before, obtaining gear and a program is essential but the greatest item for preparedness is understanding and typical sense.  Anyone can obtain a bag complete of gear and stroll into the wounds and nevertheless perish.  A resourceful particular person with a excellent understanding of bushcraft and wilderness survival abilities can stroll into the woods with only a knife and survive for a excellent period of time.  Give that similar knowledgeable &amp resourceful particular person a bag complete of gear and he will be living in comfort.

What Do You Guys Carry in Your Woods Bags?

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