E216: Surviving on a Sailboat in the Zombie Apocalypse


Surviving on a Sailboat
In this book club episode, we’re joined by author Zack Lynn to go over surviving on a sailboat in the zombie apocalypse.

Surviving on a Sailboat in a bugout situation presents numerous positive aspects and disadvantages. Benefits include things like not getting stuck in a bunker with now windows, fishing, and mobility, to name a handful of. But you are constrained by the weight of the instances you can shop, inclement climate, and bobbing zombies.

There are also considerations about what type of boat. And several other considerations.

Years, back we explored sailboats as an solution for each living and bugging out. But we in no way completely addressed life on a sailboat in a grid down and hostile atmosphere.

Zombies, as we’ve mentioned in the previous, offer an intriguing and very complex scenario forcing deep believed and extensive nuanced consideration. So it is ripe for believed experiments most other conditions do not present.

As it turns out, Zack has spent lots of time taking into consideration just such a scenario. He even wrote a book about it.

The Author, Book, and Surviving on a Sailboat Discussed:

  • How he became a writer
  • Authors that inspire Zack
  • What prompted Zack to develop into a prepper
  • Exactly where the inspiration for the book came from
  • How the book begins
  • Why zombies
  • The upside of surviving on a sailboat
  • The downside of surviving on a sailboat
  • How writing this book changed the way he and his household prepare
  • The most important character’s go-to lengthy gun and why
  • What’s the greatest $100 he’s ever spent on preparedness

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