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We welcome Avery Skipalis to TeamWON. We have been following her intriguing Instagram account for a though and we assume she’s a fantastic match for our mission – of informing, influencing and inspiring ladies in shooting, hunting, fishing and adventure. Given that she is a GLOCK armorer and a firearms trainer, she’s a all-natural match for our partnership with GLOCK and we’re delighted to introduce you to her at The WON. ~BB

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My firearms journey began out roughly 16 years ago when I enlisted in the United States Air Force. I grew up in the Carolinas, like in the deep nation of the Carolinas – with cows and cornfields and I was never ever exposed to firearms. I was raised to usually be a lady and know how to take care of your self. My parents taught me items like how to reduce the grass and transform the oil in my auto. 

Avery Skipalis Glock 45
Avery Skipalis and her GLOCK 45

At the age of 17, I enlisted in the United States Air Force. For the duration of standard education, I had my 1st in-depth firearms expertise. Honestly, I can not say that it was anything that I enjoyed. Not that I was scared, it didn’t bother me, I just went via the motions. I came to a point in my Air Force profession exactly where I wanted a challenge. I applied for a new job as a firearms instructor and I had really a couple of individuals telling me that I wouldn’t make it as an instructor. At this time in my life, I was a mother of a two-year old. When I was considering about choosing a new job, I wanted anything that would not only push me out of my comfort zone, but also give me a ability that would be valuable. I had pretty small information of firearms and I wanted to discover extra about them and grow to be a superior shooter. That is possibly not the appreciate story that you have been expecting to hear, is it? What you will quickly obtain out about me, is that is what tends to make me so distinctive from any other firearms instructor that you have ever met. 

Avery Skipalis GLOCK Armorer Firearms Trainer

I decided to retrain into Combat Arms Instruction and Upkeep, which is also recognized as CATM. This is the profession field that trains every person on shooting and maintains firearms in the Air Force. More than the previous 10-1/two years that I’ve been a firearm instructor in the Air Force, I’ve been very fortunate to attend many civilian firearm courses. I’m at the moment a certified Glock Sophisticated Armorer and I’ve been a certified Sophisticated Armorer with them for six years. 

Avery Skipalis
Avery Skipalis

Mainly because of numerous requests, I decided to branch out and start off my personal small business – education civilians on the capabilities vital to defend themselves. I felt that there was a lack of high quality firearm instructors that looked like me or had my character. I’m not 1 to definitely complain about a great deal, thus I decided to open up my personal firearms education small business and known as it . You are either aspect of the trouble or aspect of the option, ideal?

You see, I know precisely how it feels to be the student that does not know something and be talked down to. I do not want everyone else to ever really feel that way. This prompted me to start off my personal small business and embark on but a further challenge. 

Avery Skipalis GLOCK Armorer GLOCK Party
LeMack photography &amp Glock celebration photobooth

I am very excited to be a contributor to Women’s Outside News. I will be bringing you testimonials on firearms, accessories and firearm ideas, as properly. As a wife and mother to two boys, I know what numerous ladies struggle with, and why. I’ll be right here to assist you on your firearms journey and remind you to smile and appreciate it along the way.

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    Avery Skipalis is the owner of Skip’s Tactical Options, an organization that focuses on empowering ladies, guys and youngsters to make positive that no 1 else becomes a victim. She gained her firearms expertise from the military exactly where she’s been a military firearms instructor for 10.five years. She’s also a certified NRA rifle and pistol instructor and Glock Sophisticated Armorer because 2015. She’s attended Sig Sauer Academy, FNH, Unique Operations Command Armorers courses as properly as numerous Sophisticated Shooting Schools across the United States. She resides in Florida with her husband and two youngsters. She’s at the moment serving in the United States Air Force and loves sharing her passion with other people. She thinks it is significant that ladies also really feel like they’re in handle of their personal security.
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