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Russian ORSIS has announced that they have set up a manufacturing line to create AR-15 pattern rifles chambered in .223 Remington. The new rifles are named ORSIS-AR15J. They appear to be quite typical configuration rifles but if priced correct they must have a higher demand in Russia mainly because there is incredibly restricted availability of reasonably priced good quality AR-15s in the regional market place. The business earlier applied to assemble AR-15 rifles from imported components but the new ORSIS-AR15J will be absolutely manufactured in-property.


As stated in the company’s news release, the most important benefit of their rifles more than comparable AR-15s is the use of their precision barrels. ORSIS is nicely recognized for designing and manufacturing lengthy-variety precision rifles and they do have the capabilities to manufacture higher-good quality barrels. Whilst the typical version of the ORSIS-AR15J rifle will be equipped with button rifled barrels and nitrided surface therapy/finish, the gun will also be provided with an optional 416R stainless steel barrel with single point reduce riflings – arguably the most precise system of rifling exactly where every single groove is reduce separately. The business notes that with good quality optics and ammunition, their rifles are capable of printing significantly less than 1 MOA groups.


According to ORSIS, the other most important elements of this new rifled will be produced by machining cast components. The rifles will be provided with two barrel length alternatives, will come typical with an adjustable telescoping stock, threaded barrel (1/two-28 typical AR-15 muzzle threads), an A2 birdcage style flash hider and aluminum handguards with a top rated Picatinny rail and KeyMod slots on three, six and 9 o’clock.

To my understanding, at present, there is only one particular other regional business that tends to make AR-15 pattern rifles in Russia. That business is named ADAR and the rifle they make is named ADAR two-15. Reportedly ADAR assembles these rifles with their personal furnishings, barrels outsourced from Molot and the rest of the components outsourced abroad.

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