Wisconsin Senate committee votes unanimously to advance Cole as DNR secretary


Sen. Tom Tiffany (center) expressed his issues about the DNR, but voted to advocate confirmation of Preston Cole as DNR secretary. Tiffany is flanked by committee clerk Mitchel Ohly (l) and legislative council Ethan Lauer (r). (Photo by Tim Eisele)

Preston Cole, secretary-designee of the Division of All-natural Sources (DNR), came a significant step closer to getting confirmed as secretary. The Senate Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry Committee met on Oct. 1, and in executive session voted unanimously to confirm Cole as secretary.

Cole, who was appointed as secretary in December by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, desires confirmation by the State Senate, and now the confirmation goes to the complete Senate for a vote.

The committee held an official public hearing on the appointment March 7, when 22 people today registered in help of Cole as secretary at the hearing, and no one registered against.

Back then committee chair, Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-Minocqua), mentioned that he liked Cole but was pretty concerned that Evers would get in touch with the shots at the DNR and try to expand government.

Tiffany is a single of the legislators who has been most important of the DNR in the previous, and once more at this executive session enumerated 3 of his main issues:

  1. Dead Pike Lake close to Manitowish Waters in Vilas County which became impaired, Tiffany mentioned, by the DNR’s predecessor, the Wisconsin Conservation Division.  He realized some progress is getting created, but he mentioned it was time for the DNR to get the lake fixed.
  2. A new master strategy for the Northeast Sands Area that he mentioned does not reflect what neighborhood people today want for timber harvests.  He mentioned the DNR did not take into account the desires of locals, and he didn’t want to see forest management like that of the federal government on national forests.
  3. Fish stocking numbers in Lake Michigan are pretty crucial for companies.  He desires larger stocking so the lake is a location for sportsmen.

In the finish, Tiffany and the other four committee members voted in favor of confirmation.



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