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October 2nd, 2019

$50 Teslong Borescope Performs Terrific — Complete Evaluation with Videos

Teslong digital endoscope borescope windows android Mac video screen barrel inspection

Evaluation by F-Class John
Do you know what the inside of your barrel appears like? Borescoping is a terrific way to diagnose a barrel issue or evaluate your cleaning regimen. Standard optical borescopes perform terrific but are high priced. Low-expense digitial borescopes have been on the industry for a even though, but several have have lacked the resolution required to get the job accomplished appropriately. Enter the Teslong rifle borescope. We set out to see irrespective of whether this new electro-optical borescope, priced at just $49.99, could do the job of traditional optical borescopes that may expense twenty instances as considerably. We concluded that this tiny device is fairly amazing…

Teslong digital endoscope borescope windows android Mac video screen barrel inspection

Right here is an actual video captured with the Teslong borescope owned by Forum member DMoran. This is the inside of a Howa factory .223 Rem Barrel:

Setting Up and Employing the Teslong Borescope
The Teslong borescope arrives in a handy, zippered difficult case with a mesh pouch on 1 side and an elastic strap on the other to aid safe the cords. The unit employs two various cables. One particular is a versatile USB A/V cable which also thoughtfully comes with a USB/USB-C converter as properly. The other piece is the mirrored borescope which is attached to a versatile but pretty rigid cable. The initially issue I noticed is the generous length of the combined cable. Given that the unit desires to be connected to a pc or other compatible device, the lengthy cable enables you quickly scope the complete length of your barrel even though you retain your pc at a distance. I appreciated the way this performs simply because it permitted me to continue cleaning my gun and checking the barrel without having worrying about finding any cleaning supplies on my pc.

Teslong digital endoscope borescope windows android Mac video screen barrel inspection

Plug and Play — With Impressive Resolution and Image Top quality
After the unit is plugged into the pc all I had to do was open my photo plan and the Teslong activated and displayed the bore image. For Windows at least, there are no Apps to set up or something else to do other than plug it in. After it is plugged in you just slide the unit into your bore and commence searching. The angled mirror along with the integrated light enables for uncomplicated viewing of the lands and grooves with tiny to no need to have for focal adjustment. I ran the scope down some newer barrels as properly as 1 of my oldest, burned-out barrels and I was shocked at the detail and resolution I saw. Rust, copper, carbon and fire-cracking genuinely popped out. If I was assessing barrel cleaning effectiveness, I could quickly see how levels of fouling are becoming removed. I will use my Teslong to capture photographs of my subsequent barrel in brand new situation. Then I can reference these “Day 1″ photos every time I clean that barrel.

As an owner of a Hawkeye and an additional digital borescope, each of which are pretty high priced, I have to admit I was skeptical of a borescope that fees a mere fifty bucks. But frankly, I was amazed at the image top quality. Appear for your self. These are actual Teslong photographs I took even though inspecting 1 of my barrels.

Teslong digital endoscope borescope windows android Mac video screen barrel inspection

Teslong digital endoscope borescope windows android Mac video screen barrel inspection

Study Critiques from Teslong Borescope Purchasers

Want to know what other Teslong owners feel? You can study more than 5 pages of Teslong Rifle Borescope comments and testimonials by our Forum members in AccurateShooter’s Teslong Forum Thread.

Right here are actual statements by Forum Members and Amazon purchasers

“Received mine final week, amazing top quality for the cost.” — PhilC

“There’s a couple of threads discussing these borescopes. It truly has the 45 degree mirror so that you can see the almost everything considerably greater than with a typical endoscope.” — Mark W

“Most firearm borescopes are expensive… The Teslong Rifle Borescope is at present the very best inexpensive borescope you can acquire. With the Teslong Rifle Borescope I’m capable to see the fire cracking in my rifle’s bore. I certainly advise acquiring.” — Amazon Purchaser

“The cost is appropriate and the top quality is initially-price. Plugs into USB-A or Micro USB port on Computer, Mac, or Android (it does not perform with iPhones). Requires pics or HD video, stored employing either native camera software program or their Teslong Camera plan. It has a pretty close concentrate required for a borescope. Other industrial ‘endoscopes’ could be the very same diameter, but they have a two- to five-cm focal distance, creating it tricky to use in a barrel and useless for 90 degree viewing except in, say, a 105mm howitzer. Probe diameter is .20 in/five. mm diameter and is best for use on .223/five.56. The removable 45° mirror enables viewing chamber walls and barrel lands/grooves up close and private.” — Jim Schmidt

“I have attempted it out on my six.5mm and .223 rifles and it performed way beyond my expectations as soon as you know how to concentrate it. Also, I have a Samsung Android and neither the USB plug nor the extra adapter would match my telephone (I believed). Teslong consumer service reps told me that the plug for my telephone is truly a portion of the typical plug that comes with the unit. Heck, all I had to do was flip the male finish of the plug down! Also, there is a light intensity adjustment on the tiny box-searching issue that is a portion of the cable. It is genuinely compact and quickly overlooked.” — Barrbqn (Amazon)

F-Class Nationals Competitors Attempt the Teslong — And Then Location Orders
I gave the Teslong a fairly thorough testing on my bench at residence, but I was also capable to test it even though attending the 2019 F-Class Nationals. It hooks up quickly to a laptop (either Windows or Mac). It will also perform with an Android tablet or smartphone (but not however with an iPad or iPhone). I set the Teslong up for some fellow competitors to test. Every time somebody stuck it in their barrel there was a collective gasp when they saw how clear and detailed the image was. It wasn’t lengthy prior to absolutely everyone in our housing unit wanted to attempt it.

Interestingly, 1 of the fellows in our housing pulled out the precise very same unit. It turned out he loved it just as considerably as we all did. What genuinely told me it was a keeper is when various of the people today who also personal Hawkeyes or other borescopes ordered a Teslong as quickly as they had been accomplished playing with it. On a side note, we also ended up employing it to appear inside a seating die, inside a disassembled bolt, and beneath a refrigerator. I’m confident there are numerous other utilizes for the Teslong.

CONCLUSION — Impressive Item — You Will not Be Disappointed
The bottom line is that there is not something on the industry that can compete with this tiny gem anyplace close to its $50 cost point. I would say that if you have place off obtaining a borescope simply because of cost or top quality issues this is the unit to acquire — you will not be disappointed. In the video beneath I show how to use the Teslong in your rifle. The Teslong Borescope is offered appropriate now for $49.99 on Amazon.

Computer software Functionality (Apps and/or Operating Method)
Windows 7/eight/10 or later (Desktop or Laptop Laptop or computer)
1. Use Windows Camera, the constructed-in Camera software program of Windows10, only for Win10.
two. Use Teslong camera software program or AmCap software program

Android four.four+ (Tablet or Smartphone)
Use Teslong Camera App, CameraFi, or USB Camera App

Mac OSX 10.six+ (Desktop or Laptop Laptop or computer)
Use Photo Booth or QuickTime Player

Notice: This Teslong model does NOT assistance iPhone and iPad! Teslong says: “WiFi version of the rifle borescope supporting iPhone and iPad is beneath improvement, and coming quickly.”

Teslong vs. Standard Optical Borescope (Such as Hawkeye)
The Teslong is not fantastic. It does have some shortcomings when compared to a traditional optical borescope such as the Hawkeye. A borescope with a lengthy, rigid metal shaft is uncomplicated to rotate inside the bore. For that reason you can rapidly inspect all 360 degrees inside the barrel. By contrast, the Teslong has a versatile cable that you have to twist to rotate the lens. That performs, but it is not as uncomplicated. Also, in a big-diameter bore, the 5mm-wide Teslong tends to flop to the low side. Once again, with a Hawkeye, it is uncomplicated to sustain a continual distance to the bore wall.

Forum member Ned Ludd explains these considerations in a Forum post: “The [Teslong] is made to match into a .22 Cal bore. As such, there is very a bit of play (lateral movement) of the camera head in a .30 Cal bore as you twist the cable to swivel it about 360 degrees. This is largely brought on by the angle of the cable as you spin it, which is not completely concentric to the bore. This is not an concern of concern in a considerably far more high priced borescope with a goal-constructed swivel mechanism.”

That stated, we nevertheless feel the Teslong is a terrific device, properly worth the dollars ($50 vs. $850+ or so for a Hawkeye). The cable rotation is not that huge a deal, with a tiny practice. General, for normal visual inspections of your barrels, with uncomplicated photo/video capture, the Teslong is difficult to beat for the cost.

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