9 Most effective Gun Belts for Concealed Carry


“Why must I invest in a specialized belt such as the gun belt,  rigger belt, or duty belts for concealed carry weapon whilst there are readily available a lot of belt accessories at house?”

Not too long ago, I have received this query from a lot of readers. In contrast to a common belt, you have to know that employing a gun belt aids you hold your gun in spot and draw it smoothly.

In this post, you can refer to the prime nine solutions on the market place. All of them meet the basic needs of most clients.

I also answer the query “what is the very best gun belt in specifics?” and how to pick a appropriate item.

What A Gun Belt Is?

A gun belt is made to retain your gun in a position about your waist. A specialized holster and belt can twist and catch when you sit down, specially in your auto.

A great gun belt should have to the potential to hold the weight of a holster, your gun, and your pants.

Even some of them can place up with other compact points such as cell telephone, multi-tool, and mag carriers.

Major 9 Most effective Gun Belts 2019

Each and every item has its benefits and disadvantages. Let’s see to know regardless of whether or not you accept its drawbacks and satisfy positive aspects:

1 Relentless Tactical’s Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

Relentless Tactical attributes higher durability since it is produced from higher-finish leather material, plus a sturdy buckle closure.

This item is very easily adjustable so it can hold a lot of diverse sized holsters tightly, enabling you to pull out the gun rapidly.

Furthermore, it has a discreet building, assisting you hide your gun protected when going out. And the belt is lightweight (only 14 oz), so you can put on it all day extended with out getting uncomfortable.

If you haven’t been capable to think in this item, let’s see the reality:

The enterprise and manufacturer give you with a lifetime warranty, generating confident the maximum good quality.

It is made in the USA exactly where is well known the higher-finish solutions.

Having said that, in case you are seeking for a delicate and sophisticated dress belt, this is not a appropriate option. I do not assume that this design and style suits tender-hearted girls.


two Ultimate Steel Core Gun Belt

The Ultimate Steel Core Gun Belt

If you are seeking for a extended-term investment, let’s purchase CCW belt which attributes an more steel core to maximize its rigidity as properly as expand the lifespan.

In spite of a thin size, each sides of the steel core are added slabs of leather to strengthen the all round strength, becoming the very best-concealed carry belt.

Right here is my favored function:

In contrast to the unit above, the leather of the ultimate steel core is handmade, so you will really feel as comfy as achievable whilst wearing.

Apart from your gun, you can use this belt to carry the small points such as magazine pouches, and flashlights.

In spite of a higher value, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty.

How excellent it is!

The highlight of this item is its drawback. The steel core can strengthen the all round strength, but this function also tends to make the complete belt much less versatile.

In sum, you must buy this belt, if you normally have to carry tons of weight outdoors consistently.


three Wolf Tactical Heavy Duty Cobra EDC Belt

XTAC Quick-Release EDC Belt

It appears funny, but this is accurate:

Thanks to a unique design and style, you can unbutton your pants to alter other individuals or use the restroom in a second as opposed to a double reinforced nylon dress gun belt or thick leather gun belts.

Possibly this is also 1 of the factors why this belt value has changed these days considerably.

This can be thought of a excellent mixture of 1.five inches of double reinforced nylon webbing and higher-good quality velcro, generating a distinctive mechanism.

Let’s clarify in far more specifics:

Despite the fact that it is simple to unbuckle the belt, even below heavy loads, the cobra buckle is under no circumstances lowered the strength.

Please take a appear at its drawback:

This best design and style demands precision when fitting.

Anyway, I really feel that this is an appealing unit since of its low value and higher good quality.

Irrespective of whether you would like to carry this belt every single single day or carry gear for your hiking trip in the wilderness, this belt can tackle all.


four Blade-Tech – Ultimate Carry Belt

Blade-Tech - Ultimate Carry Belt

If you normally use your gun in wet areas and circumstances, it is important and crucial to prepare water-resistant gun belt and holsters.

In this case, I want to extremely advocate a blade-tech belt since of its higher- thread density water repellent nylon.

Like the Ultimate Steel Core, Blade-tech belt is also integrated with a reinforced polymer core, enhancing the strength and rigidity.

The quick release lever of the item permits you to take it off in a second in case of any emergency.

This is 1 of the most comfy belts readily available on the market place. But, if you want, you nonetheless can adjust it as preferred very easily and rapidly.

To have a wonderful gun belt for dealing with any aquatic circumstance, you should sacrifice the weight. That suggests this item comes with a reduced weight capacity. It cannot place up with a lot of points but your gun.


five BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger’s Belt

BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger's Belt

BLACKHAWK CQB comes with higher durability since it is produced from 1.75” wide nylon and about 7.000lbs of tensile strength.

The latter plays an crucial function in pulling a thing like a rope. In this case, it is a belt attached to your gun.

The material of Blackhawk is soft, so it does not make you really feel uncomfortable when wearing it in a extended time.

You can pick 1 of 4 colors: black, coyote tan, desert sand brown, and olive drab, based on your sex, style, and preference.

It is pretty effortless to use this belt. For instance, the design and style of the hook and loop aids customers place the belt on and off in a second smoothly.

Despite the fact that there are 3 sizes (compact, medium, and substantial), it is unable to adjust. So, you had greater meticulously verify prior to deciding to purchase this belt.


six Aker B21 Concealed Carry Gun Belt

Aker Leather B21 Concealed Carry Gun Belt

Aker B21 is 1 of the higher-good quality and tough solutions since it is produced from the finest raw supplies.

The majority of federal agencies use this belt, which can meet the requirement of law enforcement all more than the globe since the inside polymer gives additional stability and flexibility for your concealed carry.

Hence, the AKER leather B21 comes with a higher level of comfort and rigidity, enabling you to hide your gun inside all day extended.

The design and style does not suit men and women who are seeking for a distinctive accessory fitting their fashional outfits.

In spite of a regular appear, it is far more helpful than what you can image.

The reinforced material of the belt plus the powerful holster assist you hold each IWB and OWB in the suitable spot tightly, at the similar time, you can draw your gun as quick as achievable.

This belt is made in the USA, exactly where is the house of a lot of higher-good quality solutions.


7 Kmioc Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

Kmioc Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

I appreciate Kmioc Concealed Carry CCW leather gun belt since of its adjustment measurements as properly as genuine leather.

The latter, combined with cross-stitching, can strengthen comfort and functionality as properly as achievable.

This material is pretty firm that suggests it can place up with a lot of weight onto the rims with out rolling and sagging.

Having said that, carrying also a lot of points is not an perfect way considering the fact that this belt has an typical strength.

When it comes to adjustment measurements, this belt is made with 1 inch spaced belt holes.

As a result, no matter how your physique is, you can come across out a appropriate size.

This function is pretty hassle-free for these are simpler to develop into hotter or sweatier.

If you nonetheless hesitate, let’s see this reality:

The enterprise and manufacturer provide you with a 100-year warranty. This partly reflects the good quality of the item.


eight Hanks Gunner Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt

Hanks Gunner Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

This leather belt has a tough building, so its durability is pretty higher. That suggests this is a extended-term investment, enabling you to use in a extended time.

I do not know how your size is, but I make confident it will match your physique completely since there are a lot of holes on the belt.

Furthermore, these ultra adjustable loops assist you put on in a extended period of time as comfy as achievable.

This item does not lead to sag on your tactical pants. This may perhaps be a major comfort for men and women who do not want to harm their garments.

Do not hesitate any longer. If it can meet your demands, purchase this belt right away since there is a 1-hundred-year warranty from the manufacturer.

It is thicker than other solutions, and some clients do not like this function, which tends to make the complete design and style bulky.

Hanks Gunner is produced from the USA, exactly where is the house of a number of higher-good quality solutions.


9 Hanks Intense – Leather Gun Belt for CCW

Hanks Extreme Leather Gun Belt for CCW

Amongst all nine solutions, Hanks Intense is the most style belt.

You can combine this belt with a holster, and they perform properly for the medium and compact-sized gun.

If your weapon is compact, it brings a lot of positive aspects as follows:

Thanks to the premium completed leather material, the belt is so versatile.

This belt meets the serious needs of beauty, function, and versatility.

Having said that, this is not a committed gun belt since it cannot place up with a heavy gun.

In case you will need to carry a lot of weight on this belt all day extended, you must look at a committed gun develop.

This item comes with a excellent 100-year warranty, so you can absolutely count on a higher-good quality belt.

This leather belt also comes with some holes which enable you to adjust to match your size, specially, you can draw your gun rapidly and very easily.


What To Appear For In Carry Belt Components

Gun Belts

Like the frequent belts, the favored material of gun belt is also leather.

Having said that, there is a substantial distinction that is the leather gun belt is slightly heavier than the common leather belt (about 12 ounces).

If you are interested in belt supplies for nylon and other-leather carry belts, it is greater to invest in the highest-rated material which can place up with a heavy load.

Apart from, to stay clear of calling interest from men and women about you when wearing a non-leather belt, it is very best to choose up 1 of the two following flat colors: black and brown.

The very best gun belt demands a vast strength to give a correct building, so I extremely advocate a double-layer belt in spot of employing a single-layer belt.

It is important to spend interest to the stitching as properly.

You shouldn’t pick a frayed belt with loose stitching, which is pretty challenging to hold up your gun. Alternatively, the uniform and tight stitching show a strong belt.

If you use a medium or substantial gun, you had greater look at a belt with an internal stiffener, which requires duty for providing a “spine” to the complete belt. This design and style aids you hold your gun with out creasing, bending, breaking, or losing the shape.

There are a lot of diverse stiffeners like Kydex, and ABS, specially some of them have spring steel adding strength.

Each nylon belt and leather belts come with stiffeners, so the option depends on your demands and preference.

Also, you will need to spend interest to the width that must be amongst 1 inch and 1 ½-inches. If you pick a wider than this variety, it may perhaps not perform.

The adjustability plays a crucial function in employing a gun belt. And the leather belt is adjustable since it has 5 to seven holes on the surface.

Some nylon and leather belts readily available on the market place enable you to adjust far more. For instance, some “ratchet” belts come with a ratcheting buckle for far more adjustment.

Gun Buckles

Gun buckles are plastic buckles, which are applied to be via a metal detector.

Right here is an instance:

“Frequent Flyer” of Wilderness Tactical makes use of Delrin rings as buckles, which are lighter and excellent for carrying accessories and weapons.

Assure &amp Warranty

Assure &amp warranty contribute to the good quality of the item, specially a gun belt that is quick to be broken. Hence, make confident that the unit you pick comes with at least a warranty.

Most makers of gun belts give their clients with a assure, so under no circumstances purchase a item with out it.


The very best gun belt aids you hold your pistol in spot tightly and draw it safely, so it is important to pick an acceptable choice.

If you ask my option, I choose up Relentless Tactical’s Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt since I can very easily adjust to match my physique.

Furthermore, discreet building aids me hide my gun safely. I absolutely think in its good quality considering the fact that the manufacturer gives me a excellent lifetime warranty.

I also want to know about your option. Please leave your comment in the section beneath with any query and share this post if you come across it informative.


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