Are Sleeping Bags Machine Washable?


Technically yes they are, BUT the a lot more you wash your sleeping bag the a lot more most likely it is that the filling may possibly shift and compress and then you shed the loft of the sleeping bag that tends to make it so comfy. If having said that it has got so grimy, and the loft is not what it applied to be then its time to go proper ahead and give it a comprehensive wash.

Stick to the manufacturer’s wash care directions

Initial off prior to tossing the bag into the machine appear for the manufacturer’s wash/care directions that really should detail no matter if to use warm or cold water. Use a front-loading machine, as they are gentler than the major loaders with their agitators, and wash on a gentle cycle.

Employing the big industrial washers and dryers at a Laundromat can be the a lot easier selection. Down filled bags will need a non-detergent soap for cleaning and drying will take a couple of hours.

A tip is to add a couple of tennis balls to the dryer, as they will help in breaking down any clumps of down that may possibly kind. Sleeping bags with a synthetic filling will dry a lot more rapidly.

Spot cleaning rather than tossing in the machine

Spot cleaning may possibly be most effective rather than immersing the complete sleeping bag in a washing machine.

To spot clean, use an old toothbrush or a nail brush with each other with a bit of water and non-detergent soap to get rid of marks that generally happen about the hood exactly where hair and oils/sunscreen from your face accumulate.

Do this no matter how tired right after a day’s hike do not collapse into your sleeping bag but modify into clean garments and make positive sunscreen and oils have been washed off the face.

When spot cleaning do your most effective to attempt pull the liner or the shell – whichever side demands cleaning – a small away from the insulating layer so that it does not get wet, otherwise it will take a lengthy time to dry the filling. Soon after spot cleaned leave to dry in the sun to steer clear of mildew forming.

10 Recommendations for maintaining that sleeping bag out of the washing machine

  1. Make positive you to modify into sleepwear when you jump into your sleeping bag at evening so that any oils or lotions on your physique, (or sweat, really should it be that warm), are absorbed by the garments and not the lining of the sleeping bag.
  2. Often modify out of hiking garments that will have accumulated dirt and dust and smells of wood smoke from the campfire prior to turning in, as the odors will have a tendency to permeate the sleeping bag.
  3. Sleeping bags generally appear to get dirtier about the foot region so if it is cold put on socks to shield your toes and the sleeping bag!
  4. A sleeping bag liner will aid hold it clean – you just take out the liner and toss that in the wash. It is a fraction of the price of the bag and you can afford to have a couple of them. Take your selection of silky really feel, comfy cotton, or if its seriously cold, a fleecy liner.
  5. To aid hold your sleeping bag fresh air it every morning right after you wake. Turn the sleeping bag inside out or unzip it and open it out to air.
  6. Most normally we wash sleeping bags to get rid the musty smell right after they have been stored. The ultraviolet rays of the sun having said that perform as a all-natural mold killer and disinfectant, so make positive you get that sleeping bag out to air on a warm sunny day rather than sending it by means of the washing machine.
  7. The sleeping bag have to fully dry out in the sun – it is far as well popular to consider an item is cupboard dry and then weeks later obtain mildew on it – specifically in humid climates.
  8. Open out the bag and turn it on the wash line, as the sun’s rays have to attain each the inner and outer layers to do their all-natural perform of damaging the DNA of the bacteria and providing the bag that sunshine smell.
  9. Washing by hand permits you to determine spots exactly where further focus is required. Dead skin cells accumulate on the inside of a sleeping bag and dust and dirt on the outdoors, so treat the bag gently to retain the cuddle soft really feel that was so attractive when you purchased it.
  10. When travelling often use the waterproof cover for the sleeping bag, or if it has got lost use a plastic bag to cover it. Normally spots of oil, charcoal, and liquids from meals that has spilled on the journey ruin a sleeping bag and necessitate a lot more washing than initially anticipated.

A fantastic sleeping bag is an investment and demands to be looked right after to give years of higher loft and water resistant service rather than becoming worn out rapidly by numerous cycles in the washing machine.

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