E213: six Crucial Survival Capabilities Places to Concentrate on More than Additional Gear


In this episode, we talk about survival expertise persons must be focusing on most. This is a back-to-fundamentals episode fantastic for new preppers and prodding old timers.

There’s a subject that keeps coming up additional and additional in the conversations I have with mates that are survival market pros. Folks do not get adequate instruction and coaching. Alternatively, they go straight for gear and ignore what will really hold them alive in a disaster: Capabilities.

So we’ll cover six standard survival expertise locations just about every prepper must have locked down. You see, most of us have a tendency to concentrate our prepper time and dollars on gear. And the difficult truth is this: Capabilities will just about usually be additional precious in a survival predicament than gear. So most of us must be spending additional our time and dollars on acquiring survival expertise rather than rising the size of our pile-o-prepper-shit.

Survival Capabilities Discussed:

  • Outside Capabilities
    • Why these expertise are significantly less vital than most may well assume
    • Exactly where to uncover them on the low cost
    • How to uncover instructors
    • Firemaking
    • Backpacking
    • Camping
  • Healthcare
    • Initial Help, CPR, and AED
    • EMT Standard
    • Wilderness EMT Standard
  • Search &amp Rescue
  • Neighborhood
  • Communications, there is only one particular
  • Guns
    • Conventional
    • Tactical
    • Coaching on care and upkeep
  • Organizations and groups that are terrific for finding expertise from
    • CERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Group)
    • CAP (Civil Air Patrol)
    • Project Appleseed
    • NRA


Specific Note:

A incredibly vital message: We’re coming up on summer time. That indicates ITRH will go on summer time break start off Could 1st. ITRH Will return for the subsequent season August 7th, 2017. If you are new about right here, ITRH Goes on summer time break just about every year in Could and Returns in August. For the duration of the summer time we will drop a quick episode just about every 3 or 4 weeks to wet your appetite and hold your feed reside. We contact these the ITRH Summer season shorts. The show is not going away we’re just taking a small summer time break to recharge the batteries and operate on our prepper projects.


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