E214: An EMP Attack on the United States with Author Cal Wilson


EMP Attack with author Cal Wilson
In this episode, we sit down with Cal Wilson. He’s an lawyer by day and a prepper author by evening. We talk about his new book about an EMP attack and life afterward. If you believe this is just yet another EMP book, you may possibly be in for a surprise. Tigers and Gorillas integrated at no additional charge.

EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulses) is now and have been for a though, hot Prepper subjects. EMPs as an antagonist are in several techniques like Zombies: A fantastic villain with all the pitfalls necessary to scare the crap out of you. And they present a wonderland of difficulties to contend with.

But, unlike Zombies, EMPs are this side of catastrophes that are probable. The technologies, will, and chance exists.

Most of the significant and balanced minds in prep have extended considering that deemed an EMP to be an outlier situation, having said that. Although the tech and will exists, the technological hurdles have extended been deemed as well terrific for most aggressors.

Cal Wilson sides with William R. Forstchen and other folks. And he shows us all the techniques an EMP attack is not just probable, but most likely, in his most current operate: E.M.P.: The Finish Of The Grid As We Know It (All At As soon as Book 1)

EMP Attack Subjects Discussed:

  • Who is author Cal Wilson
  • How he came to writing
  • Why Cal chose EMP Attacks as the antagonist for his most current book
  • The history of EMP Attack analysis
  • What zoo animals have to do with TEOTWAWKI
  • The existing state of analysis on the subject
  • What will take place to Nuclear Energy plants following an attack
  • Preparing for life following an EMP Attack


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