Get a grip on your 4WD!


We all know the deal, when you are searching at heading out into the wonderful unknown, there is only one particular kind of automobile, you want to think about, that is a 4WD!

The definition of a 4WD is actually what it says on the box, all four-wheels are driven by the autos motor, this differs from your normal household car or truck which is generally 2WD or AWD. The advantage to this is each the front pair and rear pair of your vehicle’s wheels, this makes it possible for you to have double the traction on surfaces that are significantly less than optimal, like on sand, mud, rocks, dirt and extra.

While initially this increases the capacity to drive your automobile on some tracks that are seemingly shouldn’t be in a position to manage, there are a lot of ideas and tricks that you need to know to make confident you can get your four wheel driven automobile additional down the track with out having broken and a great deal extra smoothly than providing her all she’s got which could finish badly!

The very first spot to spend interest is no matter if or not your automobile is in absolute operating order, beginning exactly where the rubber hits the road, you want to make for particular your tyres are in the greatest nick feasible, this consists of becoming balanced, aligned and set to the safest pressures for the job!
The pressures are conveniently checked and adjusted making use of some easy tools that you can bring with you on the tracks.

When we drop our tyre pressures down we obtain more traction and also smooth out our ride, nonetheless your automobile will 100% behave differently to other individuals, this signifies you want to experiment with specifically which pressures perform greatest with your automobile. The greatest tool for the job is a Kwiky Tyre Deflator this deflator tool is vital for having correct pressures extremely promptly!

There are a couple of beginning points for dropping your pressures and we are going to go more than the stress ranges you may possibly want to commence with

% Reduction in stress (highway)

Tyre companies do a lot of perform producing confident tyres operate with exceptional functionality, higher grip and handling cornering at speed with higher loads for tens of thousands of kilometers, with out failure or worry of punctures or having a higher-speed flat tyres.

% reduction in stress is great for difficult flat and paved surfaces which are comparatively smooth and predictable.

20% Reductions in stress (dirt/corrugations)

When we start dropping pressures down you want to think about what is taking place on uneven surfaces with a totally pressurized tyre, basically when you have corrugations or “wash-boarding” your tyre will want to travel up and down more than each and every corrugation, this travel is rough at greatest even at slow speeds this travel is identified as a paint shaker due to the fact of the rough vibrations.

There is a remedy for the vibrations that numerous people today recommend, and that is approaching the corrugations with speed this signifies your tyres skip across the tops of the corrugations resulting in a a great deal smoother ride, this is a great deal extra comfy but only delivers traction on the surface for 50% of the time at greatest.

This is why we minimize our pressures, by dropping down your tyres from highway stress to just 20% significantly less than our highway pressures, we boost the surface location of the get in touch with location drastically, this signifies we boost the time our tyres are in get in touch with with the corrugated surface and boost our capacity to steer and brake on the skittish surface.

A 20% lower in stress would be from an typical tyre stress from 32psi to about 26psi which will absolutely boost your comfort on the tracks!


30% Reduction in stress (Mud )

If you are searching at deeper mud and dropping down your tyre pressures to about 30% provides you numerous added benefits, beginning with an boost in surface location along the length of your tyre increases your autos buoyancy, and increases the capacity for your automobile to basically tackle the muddy obstacles, due to the fact you have a bigger reduction in stress, you want to drop your major speed as effectively making certain you do not un-seat your bead.

A 30% lower in stress would be from an typical tyre stress from 32psi to about 22psi which will absolutely boost your traction and manage on the tracks!


50% Reduction in stress (Sand &amp Rocks)

If you are following along, this subsequent step tends to make sufficient sense


When you are driving on a rocky playground, you want to think about that the sharp edges of the track can do some harm to higher pressured tyres, by dropping pressures to half what your tarmac pressures are you let not only a 200% boost in get in touch with location. Your tyre sidewall can flex and contort more than the surface and not only protect against harm but get extra drive more than obstacles.


Sand is one particular of the most typical terrains that numerous people today in Australia decide on to tackle, nonetheless it is one particular of the hardest terrains to drive on, due to the fact it is halfway amongst a strong and a liquid, due to the fact of this all-natural trait, it is firm underneath but slippery. With 200% more get in touch with location, you have 4x compact tank tracks that let your automobile drive even when the surface is smooshy.

These pressures let you to obtain a great deal extra traction, but due to the fact of the reduction of the stress you want to treat cornering and braking a great deal extra cautiously to protect against ripping tyres off the rim.

A 50% lower in stress would be from an typical tyre stress from 32psi to about 16psi which will absolutely boost your traction and increase manage on the tracks!

Sand is one particular of the easiest methods to get stuck which leads us to our subsequent step!


80% Reduction in stress (Emergency final resort)

As a final resort, when every single effectively laid strategy goes badly, you want a way out, and one particular of the greatest methods to get no cost is to drop every single spare PSI out of your tyres, by dumping this excess air out, this is exactly where an 80% reduction comes in, by dropping your tyres to the lowest pressures feasible you absolutely boost the danger of pulling your tyre off your rim, but you boost the surface location on the surface which can pull you no cost from problems but as soon as you are no cost you Will have to get your pressures back up to the proper pressures.

By packing a reputable Air Compressor to boost your pressures back up to spec you will uncover that your trips will be a great deal extra entertaining.

A 80% lower in stress would be from an typical tyre stress from 32psi to about six.4psi which will absolutely boost your traction and increase the likelihood of having out of problems on the tracks!

To uncover out extra about how to get your 4WD additional offroad, head to contact us on 1800 88 39 64 or go to one particular of our retailers to speak with an professional in particular person! 


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