Guycot 40-Shot Chain Pistol


May possibly have been the Very first Higher-Capacity Pistol

Going back to 1850-1880, chain guns was a uncommon issue in firearm technologies. When you consider about higher capacity, the Guycot chain pistol was the 1st and ahead of its time.

The Guycot chain pistol was the improvement of two Frenchmen, Henri Guenot and Paulin Gay in 1879. It is chambered for a exceptional six.5mm caseless rocket ball sort cartridge in which the base of the projectile is hollowed out and consists of the propellant powder and a primer. Upon firing, the completely of the projectile exits, leaving practically nothing to be extracted or ejected from the chamber.
So yes, this implies that when it is loaded, the gun can be fired as quick as the user can pull the trigger.
Paulin Gay reportedly got the thought of making use of a chain, right after observing chains becoming applied to reduce stone blocks in a quarry.
There was also a Guycot rifle which holds 80 cartridges.
Compared to their competitors in the course of that era, the Colt revolver (holds six cartridges) and the Henry rifle (which can only hold 16 cartridges), the Guycot pistol and rifle have a massive benefit in capacity. Even so, they under no circumstances definitely caught on.

Regrettably, for the Guycot’s military aspirations, this cartridge was far also compact and beneath powered to attract and critical interest and only a handful of hundred at most have been produced. These have been divided among various models, like a 25-shot pistol, a 40-shot pistol like this 1, and an 80-shot carbine.

With a total of 40 shots the French Invented Guycot Chain Pistol was very ahead of it is time. Quite impressive considering on their element.
If you examine that to the modern day day Glock17 9mm pistol with 17 rounds or much less. This blast from the previous gun is fairly amazing to have and it certain outclass the modern day pistol in firepower.

In spite of getting bigger capacities than other firearm kinds of that era, chain guns didn’t sell really effectively as private defense weapons since of the inconvenience of the loose belt hanging out of the firearm. Even so, they are effectively suited for machine guns, which hadn’t been invented but.


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