How to Obtain Pitch Wood


Pitch Wood / Fat Wood / Grease Wood

Right here I go over how to discover the practically magical Pitch Wood.  Also identified as Fat Wood  and Grease Wood.  This stuff is wonderful for beginning fires, but in some locations it can be really hard to discover unless your shopping for the pre-packaged stuff from Wally planet.  As far as I know there are mainly two locations to discover pine wood that is saturated in pine sap or what I contact Pine Pitch.  The initially spot exactly where Pitch Wood can be discovered in the biggest quantities is in the rotten old stumps of a dead pine tree.  Take a appear at the video beneath exactly where I speedily show what that appears like and how to harvest Pitch Wood for your use!

Obtain Pitch Wood In Old Rotten Stumps

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Obtain Pitch Wood In Dead Pine Tree Branches

The second spot I know to discover a superior useable quantity of Pitch Wood is at the base of dead branches on a living pine tree.  The three or four inches of the dead branch closest to the pine tree will usually be soaked in Pine Pitch.  These reduce branches on a pine tree are a wonderful resource for developing fire.  Take a appear at the video beneath to discover out how to harvest Pitch Wood in this manner and how to prepare it to use in a fire as effectively!

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Right here are a 7 utilizes for Pitch Wood / Fat Wood / Grease Wood

1. Make heartwood shavings for use as a fire tinder.

two. Make feather sticks for use as either a tinder or a initially stage of kindling.

three. Break down into pencil lead sized kindling.

four. Use it in bigger pieces as fuel for your fire.

five. Break down into pencil sized pieces about four inches lengthy and wedge 20 or 30 pieces into the finish of a green stick and use as a torch.

six. Hold a couple of further pieces in your kit as a superior emergency waterproof fire starter.

7. Use a bigger burning piece to carry fire from one particular place to yet another.


What other issues have you applied Pitch Wood for?  What other locations have you discovered it?

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