I never know who you are, but…..


I want I could thank you in particular person.

Greetings absolutely everyone. :)

As we all know, this forum is a terrific spot created up of some of the finest people who stroll the planet. And I never say that lightly either.

As a lot of right here know, I have had a bit of a “issue” for Randall and Turley knives. And I joke a lot on the trade blanket about providing low-ball trades when anything comes up, like providing to trade a Mora for a Randall or some such superior humored silliness.

Then I began taking a really serious appear at some of the art becoming created by our personal @rwfred .:33::33::33: actually loving these drop point blades with the stacked leather handles and colored spacers. :33::33::33:
Nicely, lately 1 came up for sale, and it had the red, white, and blue spacers that I was wanting. I was tagged in the thread simply because I had pointed out it just before. Regrettably, I had just unloaded my entertaining funds receiving anything I actually wanted and required and (there will be a thread on that coming up quickly) mentioned so in my post. Not extended soon after that, I received a message saying that an individual had bought this knife for me. :eek::eek::eek:

I was stunned. Actually. I was feeling dizzy and my ears had been buzzing. Not so considerably that an individual was so extremely generous to do this, simply because generosity is so prevalent right here, but that an individual felt that I deserved such generosity.

So, I want to thank you, whoever you are, for this tremendous present. Know that it will be treasured and applied, and will never ever sit lonely on a shelf or in a knife box. It will never ever be abused, and it will most definitely never ever be sold or traded. Know also, that this kindness and generosity will be paid forward as effectively.

The pics, simply because….effectively….you know….pics or ?? :)




And there will be action pics coming as effectively in the days ahead. :)



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