Man Falls Into Scalding Water Close to Yellowstone’s Old Faithful, Suffers Serious Burns



A visitor to Yellowstone National Park suffered significant injuries on Sunday just after falling into thermal water beside the Old Faithful Geyser. Cade Edmond Siemers, 48, named for aid about midnight on Sunday from the Old Faithful Inn, exactly where he was staying, shortly just after he tripped into a hot spring. The Inn is just a quick stroll from the famed geyser. Siemers told park officials that we went for a stroll in the dark and fell off the boardwalk, according to a press release. Siemers did not have a headlamp. 

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The man suffered extreme burns to significantly of his physique, and was transported by ambulance and airplane to the Burn Center at Eastern Idaho Regional Health-related Center. 

An investigation by rangers on Monday morning revealed footprints in the thermal region major to the geyser, suggesting Siemers did not basically fall from the boardwalk, but strayed from the path intentionally. Rangers suspect that Siemers was intoxicated at the time. Wooden boardwalks about the park are made to hold guests in protected locations, along with indicators warning people to remain on designated paths. Siemers’s hat, shoe, and a beer can have been positioned close to the geyser, along with blood on the boardwalk. 


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