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Morning People,

This is exactly where I will be posting pics of my Scott Gossman Polaris in use. I encourage other individuals to post pics of their Polaris right here as properly, in use or not.

Final evening I spent about 3 hours refining the edge on my Polaris to exactly where I like it. It now is a razor sharp mirror polished edge. This knife is great. I will say the A2 steel is tougher than I am made use of to, so it took a bit longer to get the edge I want in a knife. I will strop soon after every single use to maintain is this way. OK, adequate speak.

I not too long ago began to find out wood carving, and final evening I made use of my Polaris, and carving knife to make this Wood Spirit for our Christmas Tree. This is my most effective 1 I’ve carved so far.




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