Preparing Your Garden for Winter


In late summer time and early fall, barbecues are nevertheless grilling, little ones are nevertheless swimming, and the garden is in complete glory. Preparing for the coming winter feels incorrect for so lots of motives, but if you prepare your gardens this fall, your plants will thank you later. As tough as it is to envision, winter is a-comin’. Based on exactly where you reside, Old Man Winter can be gentle or brutal on plants, trees, and shrubs. We’ve got some methods to enable you guard them.

preparing garden for winter

‘Putting the Garden to Bed’

You have almost certainly heard this term just before. If you are unclear on what this signifies, it is fundamentally about cleaning up garden beds and covering (or otherwise defending) all the things that is not an annual. Annual plants, such as most vegetables, will be killed as soon as a tough frost blows by way of. It is their biological destiny as they have currently reproduced for subsequent year by creating seeds.

Unless you have planted one thing that is not hardy in your zone, perennials, trees, and shrubs go dormant for the winter alternatively of dying. They might appear dead as a doornail, but they’re merely laying low till the soil warms up and the days get lengthy. Do not be fooled by their silence – there are a lot of factors going on throughout the cold months.

Perennials, trees, and shrubs are focusing on strengthening their roots by taking in nutrition from the soil. Even compost piles will continue to break down all winter. Confident, the microbes and redworms operate at a substantially slower pace, but they continue to operate nonetheless.

prepare perennials garden for winter

Clean Up and Repair

All dead foliage should really be removed from garden beds. If there are plants that have died of a illness, such as verticillium wilt on tomato plants, bag them up and send them out with the rubbish. Do not add diseased foliage to your compost pile! Nevertheless, leaves, stems, and spent flowers that have died due to the plants’ organic life cycle or a killing frost can go into your compost pile. When your deciduous trees drop their leaves, do not throw them out. Add them to the compost pile or shred them to use as mulch alternatively.

Fall is the very best time to make repairs to your beds, trellises, greenhouses, tools, and so forth., and you will thank your self for the forethought when subsequent season comes about. It is also a terrific time to make a new garden bed that will be prepared to go come spring.

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