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Reader’s Choice BEST Aftermarket Trigger: Geissele SSA-E

Reader’s Selection Greatest Aftermarket Trigger: Geissele SSA-E

For the month of September and our Reader’s Selection voting, we voted on the Greatest Aftermarket Trigger you could add to one particular of your firearms. This could have been something from your handguns to your rifles to your shotguns. The most often upgraded firearm, in regards to triggers, is the modern day sporting rifle so there had been an abundance of choices place forth for that variety of firearm. Among 12 triggers to choose from your selected winnner was… (drum roll please)… the Geissele SSA-E!

Reader’s Selection Greatest Aftermarket Trigger: Geissele SSA-E

There was a hefty initial list of ideas from our employees, and you offered ample much more ideas of your personal as properly. For the final voting benefits we will present you with the Leading five due to the fact under that the voting falls off for the remaining triggers significantly. Let’s get this rolling, and as often, shoot us some of your thoughts in the Comments under! We often appreciate your feedback.

  1. Geissele Automatics “Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced” (SSA-E) – 30.33%
  2. LaRue Tactical “MBT-2S” – 21.34%
  3. Franklin Armory “BFSIII AR-C1 Binary” – 7.24%
  4. Triggertech “AR Diamond” – six.11%
  5. Rise Armament “High-Performance” – five.38%
  • Remaining Miscellaneous Voting Alternatives – 29.59%

As can be noticed by the voting benefits, there is a tremendously robust liking for the Geissele SSA-E and LaRue Tactical MBT-2S triggers. These two triggers alone comprised more than 50% of the voting! From there the voting tightens up fairly a bit with 3rd via 5th location significantly less than two% apart. The remaining 7 voting choices had been all fantastic triggers as properly, but the voting became quite watered down and tight just after 5th location. Are these the benefits you anticipated in the poll? Did a trigger you voted for make the Leading five? Let us know what you feel in the Comments under! Also, congratulations to Geissele Automatics for taking residence leading honors with their SSA-E trigger!!!


Geissele SSA-E Trigger for the AR-15 [MSRP $240]

Constructed on the chassis of the Geissele SSA, the Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) gives enhanced trigger manage and weapon accuracy although sustaining the robustness and reliability of our combat-established two-stage trigger. The SSA-E’s lowered initially and second stage pull weights outcome in a trigger with a smooth, light initially stage take-up and a crisp, candy cane-like second stage break. The SSA-E is best for use in precision Squad Designated Marksman variety rifles exactly where weapon accuracy and reliability are vital and a non-adjustable drop in trigger is preferred.


When we run the Reader’s Choice every month what can be much more entertaining than the benefits you guys and gals make via your voting is your side commentary. This month was no exception due to the fact you bust our chops and you have some quite fantastic one particular-liners. We appreciate you engaging in our month-to-month Reader’s Selection polls and expanding along with us. So let’s dive into some of the much more cringe-worthy, feelings-triggering, and hilarious comments you all posted!

Lastly a poll I give a crap about…

-Nicholas Washington

Nicely, either we gotta step our game up or you have a robust fancy for premium triggers. In either case, thanks for joining the conversation!

Sorry but how the frick does Franklin Armory feel their trigger is worth pretty much $400? That is just comical.


Franklin Armory does some wildly inventive items. Often they are criticized for their odd creations, and other occasions the firearms market as a complete is like, “How the heck did they do that?”

Most modern day AR15 producers make a quite decent stock trigger.
Choose one particular produced by a respected manufacturer (BCM, ALG, DPMS, Colt, and so on), produced of high quality materials…

Just like aftermarket Glock triggers, you truly ought to study to shoot the stock, factory spec gun Just before you choose you want a new trigger. Men and women act like their shooting complications will magically be fixed with some specific costly aspect but that is seldom the case. It is mainly advertising and marketing hype and babbling nonsense from folks who most likely shoot worse than you do.


This particular person tends to make one particular truly fantastic point. Even though it is entertaining and at occasions cool to upgrade your firearms and make them your personal, there is no quantity of ‘upgrades’ that can overcome poor shooting. We ought to all strive to train, hone, and increase our skills for what ever our discipline or craft demands. No matter whether that is for hunting, competitors shooting, CCW/defense, and/or any exceptional mixture of these.

Totally digital triggers are certainly the future

Guns are pretty much actually the final mechanical fudd holdovers in all of the globe of machinery.


Even though firearms (some) are nonetheless incredibly rudimentary from their original inceptions there are a lot that are really pushing innovation and design and style in a lot of capacities. If you appear at some of the technologies surrounding firearms like evening vision, thermal, variety-discovering riflescopes that inform you exactly where to aim… that is some thing that was believed of as not possible 50 years ago.

From the comments under one particular factor is clear. There are a bunch of higher high quality replacement triggers out there to match about any price range.


That is completely correct. Even though if you wanted to you could devote a mortgage on some aftermarket components, you do not have to in order to get some truly good components. The distinction among run-of-the-mill and an impressive upgrade is not substantially. We normally speak about the highest tier of high quality in existence, but there is a lot of excellent stuff offered at reasonably priced costs as properly.

CONCLUSION: TFB Greatest aftermarket triggers

When once more, thank you to absolutely everyone who participated in our September poll of Reader’s Selection for the Greatest Aftermarket Triggers. With close to two,000 votes we are thankful for absolutely everyone who participated in this month’s voting on the Reader’s Selection. Right here are your Leading five benefits of the Greatest Aftermarket Triggers:

  1. Geissele SSA-E “Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced” – 30.33%
  2. LaRue Tactical “MBT-2S” – 21.34%
  3. Franklin Armory “BFSIII AR-C1 Binary” – 7.24%
  4. Triggertech “AR Diamond” – six.11%
  5. Rise Armament “High-Performance” – five.38%
  • Remaining Miscellaneous Voting Alternatives – 29.59%

Be certain to be on the lookout for October’s Reader’s Selection poll as we enter a new month and get started a new subject! Also, let us know what you feel of the benefits we posted. Do you agree? Disagree? Let’s hold the conversation going in the Comments under! We often appreciate your feedback.

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