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Although some individuals could make an argument that I’ve beaten the “bugging out” horse to death, there are extra elements that we have to have to talk about.  Bugging out will typically happen in the course of brief-term disruptive circumstances (SHTF-form circumstances).   For us, these circumstances had been the Ferguson Riots and becoming hit by a tornado.  When you program for bugging out in circumstances like that, the program is that you will (most probably) be returning to an intact dwelling.  Most individuals will have to “bug-out” in this style at some point in their lives.  If you want just recommendations for creating bugging out simpler, I have an post from final year right here.

The other way that somebody may perhaps finish up bugging out is in the course of TEOTWAWKI.  Packing a bug out bag for a SHTF circumstance is entirely distinctive than packing a Bug Out Bag for TEOTWAWKI.  We have to have to talk about the distinction amongst the two circumstances and adapt our bug out bags accordingly.

Bug Out Bag for Crud Hitting the Fan

Let me get started by saying that when you pack a bug out bag NOW, you must be packing for the brief-term emergency – flooding, riots, chemical spills, tornado, and so on.  For the reason that it is a brief-term emergency, we’re going to pack entirely differently.

Our packing will nevertheless fall into the identical forms of categories, but how we fill out these categories will make all the distinction.

So our bug out bags will have particular categories – Meals, Shelter, Initial Help, Hygiene, Clothes, Preparedness, Protection, and Entertainment.  Garments go straight into the bug out bag.

When I pack Bug Out Bags, every thing (minus garments) goes into zippered bags so that I can discover them at a moment’s notice.

Clothes  Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy

We preserve one particular to two adjustments of garments in our grab and go bags.  These go in the really bottom.  If it is fall or winter, we typically preserve one particular pair of pants (or skirt), two shirts, a set of undergarments, a sweatshirt, and two pair of socks.  If it is spring, we typically preserve two pairs of shorts (or a pair of shorts and a pair of pants), two shirts, a pair of undergarments, and two pair of socks.

We typically modify out the garments in our bug out bags when we modify our clocks each and every year.

Food  Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy

When we’re speaking about brief-term issues, our household packs one particular half-size tote with three days worth of meals for the whole household.  That way we do not have to carry it in our bags.  When we bug out brief-term, typically we’ll be consuming relatively usually.  When we had to leave for the reason that our home was broken by a tornado, we had been place up in a hotel in which we could cook meals.  And when we had to leave for the reason that we had been in the middle of the Ferguson Riots, our close friends fed us so we didn’t use the meals that we had.  No matter the circumstance, for brief-term circumstances, getting meals in a tote operates properly for us.

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag StrategyShelter

Shelter may not appear like you consider it will.  For brief-term circumstances, shelter could be as straightforward as a rain poncho.  You are not going to have to have a lot extra than that for some thing brief-term.  It is not like you are going to be hiking by way of the woods.  Throughout brief-term circumstances, you will be driving and staying with a buddy or in a hotel.  You will not have to have a tent.

Initial Aid  Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy

Because this is just brief-term, I do not carry a TON of very first-help supplies.  Largely I carry OTC’s, bandaids, and 2×2 gauze squares, adhesive wrap (which I buy working with Amazon’s subscribe and save), and steri-strips.  I do have a cool tip even though.  I use a “pill minder” and fill each and every compartment with a distinctive OTC.  In mine, I have Advil, Tylenol, Benedryl, Naproxin, circle bandaids, strip bandaids, and gloves – each and every in their personal compartment.  It is a fantastic way to get a lot of essential things into a tiny space.  On prime of that, we place steri-strips, 2×2 gauze squares, adhesive wrap, and superglue in a zippered baggie.

hygiene tips for bugging outHygiene

In the hygiene bag, we preserve soap, a travel shampoo, one particular washcloth, a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, comb, hairbands for girls with extended-hair, razor (for guys who choose to shave in a brief-term emergency), and a second pair of undergarments.  If we have to bug out, getting two sets of undergarments – one particular with our modify of garments and one particular with our hygiene things is valuable.  If you finish up at a hotel, often they do not have toiletries or you have to spend for them.  On the other hand, if you head to a friend’s home, then they will likely have hygiene things, but possibly not what you choose to use.  Either way, getting things on hand to preserve oneself and your household clean will enable preserve up everyone’s spirits!

Preparedness  Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy

In our preparedness bags, we preserve a bunch of distinctive things, each and every of which enable in distinctive strategies to preserve us protected.  We have a compact flashlight, a whistle, a compact mirror, a cigarette lighter wrapped with duct tape, a compact magnifying glass, two cotton balls and a compact container of petroleum jelly.  So why that stuff?  The flashlight must be apparent.  The whistle is in case we get separated.  You can hear a whistle simpler than just yelling.  The compact is in case you have to have to be identified, you can use it in sunlight to signal to other folks.  A cigarette lighter will get started a fire, but it will do so more rapidly if you use a cotton ball dipped in petroleum jelly.  A magnifying glass can also get started a fire.  And the duct tape can be utilized to safe something essential.

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy


This can be a whistle, mace, a tazer or the apparent – a handgun.  Do not just attain for the gun alone.  Often you just have to have to scare somebody off and noise of some sort will do that.  Mace is much less lethal – that can be each a fantastic factor and a undesirable one particular based on the circumstance.

Having said that, If you have gotten a concealed carry permit, do not hesitate to carry your firearm.  But if you do not, then it may be a fantastic thought to get one particular.  For these who do have protection, then carrying a couple of further clips may perhaps be in order.  Make positive that you verify your state and regional laws ahead of carrying each in the identical bag.

Entertainment  Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy

Irrespective of whether it is just you or you and your youngsters, entertainment of one particular type or yet another is in order.  This may perhaps just be some apps on your telephone – these do drain energy – so it may be far better to have a book and a deck of cards.  Or possibly a puzzle or sudoku book.  For youngsters, you may want some thing on which you can play videos or DVDs.

Please do not neglect your kid’s preferred stuffed animal.  When I purchased a stuffed animal for my youngest son, I bought two and place one particular quickly in his grab and go bag.  1 time his older sister had a stuffed polar bear and we had been traveling on organization to a neighboring state.  Although we had been there, she lost her polar bear – it was the most devastating factor for her.  Now consider forgetting a stuffed animal when you have to have to leave for the reason that of an emergency.  It is going to be even extra upsetting if they do not have their stuffed animal AND some thing horrible is taking place to them.

So how is a bug-out bag going to appear distinctive if you are bugging out in the course of TEOTWAWKI?

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy

Setting a TEOTWAWKI Bug Out Bag Technique


When you leave in the course of TEOTWAWKI, you likely are not coming back.  Arranging your garments in layers and season-acceptable is the only way to go.  You can not pack adequate garments for all 4 seasons in a TEOTWAWKI bug out bag.  Go layers and go light.

MealsNormal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy

When packing meals, you have to have to consider two items.  Other items are going to be essential and you are going to have to have space and weight for other items.  You have to have to pack light, but you also have to have to consume.  If you are heading to a particular spot like we talked about ahead of and you have left meals or there is an understanding that they will feed you, then pack light on meals.  I like consuming protein bars.  I’ve study about higher-calorie bars – like Datrex bars, but I’ve never ever attempted them.  For myself, I choose Quest bars.

If you do not have a spot to go, that is a a lot tougher factor to deal with.  Take some meals with you, but in reality, if you have no spot to go when you bug out, you have to have a TON extra information – and if you have a household, please do not place oneself in this circumstance.  Regularly feeding a entire household on foraging could be subsequent to nigh not possible.  Please do not do this – have a spot to go.

If you are alone and you want to opportunity it, please get, study, and study-study-study this book.

In the midst of pondering of how to deal with meals even though, do not neglect that your household wants to drink.  My individual decision for a way to filter water is a Berkey Water Bottle.  It filters out viruses and bacteria in the water that you may drink, and in contrast to just the Lifestraw, you can fill it up and take it with you.  You do not have to have to stoop to water to drink.  The Lifestraw bottle does not filter out viruses like the Berkey Water Bottle does, therefore my decision.

shelters for bugging outShelter

If you are leaving in the course of TEOTWAWKI, you Could have to have shelter.  If you are going to a spot that is inside a couple of hours you may perhaps be in a position to get there with no needing it, but please have it.  Tents can nevertheless be light and you can carry one particular per each and every two individuals – let the older youngsters and the adults carry the tents.  This tent has remarkable ratings and it is LIGHT.  It is only five pounds, which for tents is a excellent weight!

Initial Help

If you are bugging out in the course of TEOTWAWKI, you have to have a extra full very first help kit.  Even if you only add a tourniquet, significant 4×4 gauze pads, adhesive tape, it is a get started.  If you have the capability to invest in an whole medkit, this is a seriously fantastic one particular.


As far as hygiene, I wouldn’t modify a lot.  At least that component of it is straightforward!

Protection  Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Bug Out Bag Strategy

Make positive that absolutely everyone who is in a position to carry – if there definitely is no rule of law – do not get yourselves in problems on goal, but if there is no rule of law, absolutely everyone who is in a position to (which signifies they have self-handle and have practiced working with the gun safely) carry must carry with further mags.


This is one particular of the areas exactly where items get extra difficult.  If you are definitely leaving your dwelling for what you anticipate to be the final time, you will have to have extra.  In addition to a way to get started a fire, you have to have some thing to cook in.  This kit is what I carry in my automobile.  And this stove is what I carry to cook on.  I preserve these in my van ALL THE TIME, but in the case of TEOTWAWKI, I also carry this backpack in the van to carry a couple of of the further items from the van if I have to have to take them and leave the van.  The upside of this backpack is that it is SO LIGHT, but STURDY.  I adore it!

You will also have to have an further way to see.  For TEOTWAWKI, I choose a headlamp.  This headlamp is the one particular that I personal.  So I  can preserve track of my youngsters in the course of the evening, I choose that they put on glow necklaces.  That way I know exactly where each and every of my youngsters are at evening – when I think that it is protected for them to do so.  If I really feel like the light will make them a target I wouldn’t let my youngsters put on them.

You will also have to have some thing to consume out of – if you program on cooking something.  This is what I preserve in my automobile – one particular for each and every member of the household – to make positive that I can feed them if have to have be.

Contemplate some thing like a fishing rod (luckily they are light) and some minimal tackle for bugging out as properly.  It is a way to enable feed your household on the way must you have to have to.

Entertainment for bugging outEntertainment

In this case even though, we’re going to go lighter.  In my family’s case, I do not have to have a DVD player and DVD’s for my “Bug Out Bag” when we’re leaving in the course of TEOTWAWKI.  Two sets of playing cards and a card game rule book are as a lot as I would take.


Okay, guys, that feels like a lot to throw at you in one particular post!  Most likely for the reason that it is!  But these items are vitally significant to our family’s, not just surviving, but thriving if some thing massive goes down.

What About You?

How do you differentiate amongst bugging out for “crud” hitting the fan and TEOTWAWKI?  Would your bug out bags appear differently from one particular circumstance to yet another?  Are there other things that you would get rid of or add to either of the bug out bags?  Leave a comment under so that we can all be far better ready.

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