The Correct Way to Carry Concealed in a Purse


A single of the most well-known strategies for ladies who carry purses to carry their gun is, duh, in their purse. Whilst this strategy is undoubtedly hassle-free and delivers an uncomplicated to way to conceal the gun totally, purse carry delivers its fair share of trials and dangers that any potential lady shooters need to be conscious of prior to committing to this classic strategy of carry.

And gentlemen, prior to you click that back button, there are some pertinent information in this write-up you may well pickup for off-physique carry in other pieces of luggage, like a messenger bag.

At the really least, if you study on you will be capable to superior assistance the effectively-armed ladies in your life make clever options when it comes to carrying their handguns in the most traveled piece of their outfit.

In this write-up, we’ll be diving deep into suitable purse carry techniques.

Positive aspects of Purse Carry

The greatest commendation for purse carry is comfort and concealment. Your typical lady, young or old, will carry a purse of some size most of the time, not accounting for the vagaries of style trends and this indicates commonly ample space to stow a modest handgun devoid of cramping her style.

Even if modest purses are in this year, they will generally furnish ample space for a pocket pistol of some make.

Thinking of some women’s fashions make concealing a handgun on or about the waistline complicated, lots of ladies will, appropriate or incorrect, default to their purse for carrying a gun.

Your typical lady is really acclimated to maintaining her purse with her and accounted for, and this tends to make maintaining up with and remembering to bring her pistol fairly uncomplicated, each getting desirous to make certain she accomplishes Rule #1. Of gunfighting: Have a gun!

Effectively set up, drawing from a purse can be quick and effective as far as off-physique carry goes, and the standard carry position of maintaining the purse on the off-hand shoulder (left shoulder for righties, the opposite for lefties) lends itself to initiating the draw in quick order.

Compared to carry in most messenger bags, backpacks or briefcases, drawing from a appropriately staged purse is pretty speedy.

Lastly, although some ladies may well balk at the believed of adding even a lot more stuff to their currently prodigious purse loads, probabilities are she’ll have space sufficient to accommodate a modest flashlight and can of pepper spray, two of the single most worthwhile trouble solving tools for self-defense by an massive margin.

All told, a purse can make for a supremely hassle-free and logical receptacle for a defensive handgun and other tools. But they are not devoid of drawbacks, some of them substantial.

Disadvantages of Purse Carry

The difficulties with carrying a handgun in a purse are twofold, commonly. The initial element is a major a single, in that the purse is so generally the target of the attack in the initial location. Purse include valuables, like money and credit cards, and could include jewelry.

Purses are so effortlessly swiped from a individual that purse-snatchings generally go off devoid of a hitch. Efforts to foil a purse-snatch by wearing the strap cross physique are to be avoided as this sets up a critical entanglement hazard that could outcome in the victim getting dragged along with the purse.

This is an intense danger if the snatcher is attempting to do so from a passing automobile.

The other main hazard is that the typical off-the-shelf or designer purse is in no way set up to safely hold a firearm or effectively present it for the draw.

If a gun is tossed carelessly into the mixture of makeup, doodads, keys, baubles, notes, pens, pencils, chapsticks, alter, photographs, film ticket stubs, beads and other detritus that invariably occupy the interior of a purse, a single of a couple of items will happen.

The initial is will be a negligent discharge resulting from a an errant object getting into the trigger guard of the firearm and then impinging upon the trigger as the purse is moved about, the bullet addressed “to whom it could concern” and bound for components unknown.

The second is that the lady will inadvertently do the exact same as she reaches into the purse to access some thing inside, with the exact same outcome.

And the final outcome is that, in the occasion the gun is required posthaste, she will be unable to access it considering that it has considering that flipped upside down and backwards by way of jangling about in a loaded purse, and in addition has drifted under the sediment of the above listed contents totally. Mainly because of this, her fate is even a lot more uncertain.

Cautious believed to choice, setup and subsequently practicing with each purse and gun are a have to to make purse carry operate. Carrying the gun along in any old purse any which-a-way is basically not sufficient.

Trusting to the gun as a superior luck charm, akin to a rabbit’s foot, is not a strategy. Just after all, it did not operate for the rabbit.

What you have to do rather is take the time to obtain a purse developed for concealed carry of a pistol or modify an current purse to do the exact same point and then practice, practice, practice.

Capabilities for Concealed Carry of Handgun in a Purse

The simplest function needed for carry of a handgun in a purse is, at the minimum, a compartment particularly for the gun, and absolutely nothing else. Not a lipstick, not your keys, not your compact, just the gun, and absolutely nothing a lot more.

The explanation getting that you want absolutely nothing to be with the gun that has even a remote possibility of accessing the trigger and you want your access of the gun to be unobstructed to the greatest degree achievable in a higher strain predicament.

The second function is a holster of some kind, defined as a rigid or semi rigid container that will maintain the gun’s trigger and trigger guard covered and as a result protected from inadvertent activation and just as importantly hold the gun in the exact same location and exact same orientation regularly to facilitate a speedy and effective draw.

The final function is that of speedy access to the above pointed out compartment with holster. This is generally a lot easier described than performed. Going in the top rated of the purse is not the most effective or repeatable way to access the gun, and all other elements secondary the shoulder straps represent a considerable snag hazard.

A superior way is an exterior slit pocket, accessed from the finish side of the purse by way of zipper, magnet or Velcro closure. Every single of the closure techniques present varying degrees of safety at the price of speed and need to be weighed cautiously prior to settling on a single.

A magnetic closure delivers the ideal speed with the least movement, but is not totally safe, in particular if the gun inside is held by a substandard holster. Velcro is a lot more safe but could be even tougher to access than a zipper pull, commonly due to a lack of conspicuous ripcords or tabs to help you.

A zipper is largely safe but could not be quick devoid of the addition of a modest length of cord or a fob to enhance grip and acquisition. All can operate, and you need to take pains to test every of them if you are capable to see which will operate ideal for you.

Goal-Precise Carry Purse, or Modify a Purse to Serve?

The subsequent apparent query is regardless of whether or not you need to obtain a objective-produced and specially developed concealed carry purse or modify a single of your current purses to suit the job.

Each can operate, based on your needs and how a great deal revenue you have to throw at the trouble (and willingness to carve up a single of your favourite standbys!).

A objective-produced concealment purse will commonly function a hidden or discreet pocket, accessible from a single finish or each ends of the purse that includes the holster method or a mounting point (commonly Velcro) for you to add your personal holster.

This compartment will be closed by Velcro, magnets or a zipper per the above, and could function a locking method. Whilst these purses are out there in a wide selection of types and varieties, as a rule you will not have as lots of colour and pattern options compared to a lot more standard purses.

You can, with the assistance of a skilled seamstress or leatherworker, based, modify an current purse in a great deal the exact same way, although the charges of such modifications differ considerably based on the talent of the worker, the style and building of the purse, and your preferred function set.

What is most crucial is that the purse be setup up for a modified cross-physique draw and can accept a holster method of some sort. Far more on the former element in the subsequent section.

As for the holster, if a single is not working with a suitable concealment purse with an integrated holster then you are restricted in your options devoid of modification as only a handful of styles can be produced to operate suitably with just a plain purse pocket, and the ones that will nonetheless possibly demand some modification.

A single of the ideal all-objective off physique carry holsters is the static line kind as popularized by Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard and Vanguard II “holsters.”

Tiny a lot more than molded, fitted shells that clamp by way of friction more than the trigger guard location of the pistol, these small devices totally eradicate the possibility of some thing getting into the trigger guard or touching the trigger so lengthy as they are in location.

An attached piece of cord is then secured to a hardpoint on the purse or container so that, in the act of drawing the gun from the enclosure, the line will snap taut and pluck the device off the trigger guard, providing you access. In practice, they operate really effectively for these unique setups.

Drawing from a Purse

The draw from a purse has a small bit in typical with the classic crossdraw and also drawing from a chest holster.

The ideal approach is facilitated from a purse setup with the finish-side pocket arrangement as discussed above and assumes the shooter is carrying the purse on the shoulder opposite the dominant hand with the pocket containing the gun facing forward.

The measures under outline the rest of the draw process:

  1. Assistance hand grasps forward strap of purse, brings purse to front of physique and secures purse in position.
  2. Shooting hand clears closure mechanism securing gun in pocket.
  3. Shooting hand accesses gun and acquires grip.
  4. Gun is drawn and oriented away toward target at compressed prepared position assistance hand releases purse.
  5. Assistance hand completes grip on gun at prepared position gun is pushed out and up, indexing target.
  6. Sights are acquired on target selection to shoot pending.

The above measures could be slightly modified based on your distinct setup.

With practice and aided by a friendlier closure mechanism, a gun can be drawn from a specially equipped purse with surprising rapidity. Attempting to do the exact same with a purse that has a gun rolling about someplace in its voluminous depths is similarly a recipe for disaster and aggravation.


  • As with any crossdraw kind configuration, it can be an uncomplicated point to muzzle your personal physique, particularly your assistance arm, when drawing the gun. Take care that that does not come about by maintaining your assistance arm higher and tight although it secures the purse by way of the conclusion of Step four and then obtaining the gun pointed away from you prior to bringing your assistance hand down to total the grip.
  • You will require an opening in the purse’s gun compartment that has generous relief top rated and bottom to avert snag hazards. Aim for at least a strong inch of clearance on each sides. If the gun barely fits in perfect situations, it will probably snag on the draw.
  • If working with a bare compartment with the static line holster like the Vanguard series pointed out above, adhering a small stick-on Velcro to the holster and compartment will assistance maintain the gun in the exact same orientation, but need to not hamper the draw and release at all.


A purse is generally the go-to option for ladies searching for to conveniently concealed carry a handgun, and they do have positive aspects so lengthy as a single requires the time to train about and mitigate their disadvantages.

With clever getting or modification, a purse can make for an acceptable option for ladies EDC carry. As usually, no matter what option you settle on, practice till you can’t get it incorrect!

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