three Methods to Safeguard Your Truck Bed


With a little sweat equity, you can keep your truck bed looking like new for a fraction of what you’d pay a body shop to do it.

With a small sweat equity, you can preserve your truck bed searching like new for a fraction of what you’d spend a physique shop to do it. (Bedrug/)

A bed liner is the easiest way to safeguard the most abused aspect of any choose-up truck. Each factory and aftermarket liners are costly, but thankfully there is a different way to shield your truck’s cargo space from the inevitable dings and scratches. DIY bed liners are readily available in a range of systems, all inside the skills and price range of any do-it-yourselfer. Right here are a handful of approaches to take into consideration.

Spray Liners

Spray-on liners can look and perform fantastic if you properly prep the surface of the bed.

Spray-on liners can appear and execute wonderful if you effectively prep the surface of the bed. (U-Pol/)

With a small patience, a spray-on solution can give you a factory finish for a fraction of the expense. Just keep in mind the prep operate of cleaning and sanding is important to a superior bond, and you will have to put on protective clothes, eyewear, and a respirator when handling these goods. Numerous light coats are greater than one particular heavy coat.

Roll-On Liners

You can apply a roll-on liner to almost any clean surface.

You can apply a roll-on liner to just about any clean surface. (Herculiner/)

A roll-on bed liner is a small simpler to manage than the spray range and can be applied to just about any surface. So, one particular benefit of obtaining it in a gallon can rather than as a pressurized delivery method is the lengthy shelf life of a solution you can use down the road for other projects.

Carpet Liners

A carpet bed liner is a great idea if you plan to add a bed and cap to create a makeshift camper.

A carpet bed liner is a excellent notion if you program to add a bed and cap to generate a makeshift camper. (Bedrug/)

Lining your truck bed with carpet could look a bit antithetical to the entire notion of owning a choose-up. But carpet-liner kits make it straightforward to set up a sturdy, cleanable, and somewhat padded surface that is great for every thing from hauling cargo to setting up a bunk appropriate in the bed of your truck. The carpet also types a bridge more than the gap in between the bed and the tailgate, extending the useable sleeping surface of your truck’s bed.


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