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Turkey Hunting 2012


Turkeys have been a staple for large game hunters due to the fact prior to our nation’s founding.  Turkeys are discovered in several regions all through the United States and can be a fantastic supply of meals for a household in typical instances or in emergency conditions.  Knowing how to turkey hunt and practicing the ability prior to you have to rely on hunting as a primary supply of meals is a crucial ability for a prepper in my opinion.  Turkey hunting is a thing that can be achieved by hunter’s of typical ability (such as myself) and with extremely tiny specialized gear.  Below are a couple of items you will require prior to you get began turkey hunting.

– A Turkey Contact.  There are several distinctive forms, but in my opinion the easiest to discover how to use is a standard slate get in touch with.  Click right here to see an instance of a slate get in touch with.   A mouth get in touch with is also superior for when the Turkey is in close.

– Camouflaged clothes. Turkey’s have outstanding colour vision, so superior camo is a should!  I choose a 3D variety of camo.  I suggest the Cabela’s brand to see the variety I use click right here.  3D camo tends to make a substantial distinction in the quantity of movement you can get away with in my opinion.  It is far superior to even the most sophisticated 2D camo on the market place.

– A superior shotgun or bow and some ammo.  In the videos under I shot this Turkey with a Remington 870 Express Super Magnum Synthetic.

Take a appear at the videos under to see some of the blunders we produced when turkey hunting with a bow and some of the items we did suitable to be productive turkey hunting with a shotgun.

Turkey Hunting With A Bow

Click right here to watch this video on YouTube if you do not have Flash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTQlMLq7DYg&ampfeature=plcp


Turkey Hunting With a Shotgun

Click right here to watch this video on YouTube if you do not have Flash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ69Ebvkj3Y&ampfeature=plcp


How to field dress a Turkey

When you have had results turkey hunting you will require to know how to clean the turkey in order to take benefit of all of the meat.  Watch the video under to see the fundamentals of how to field dress turkey.  One issue we could have performed to make this course of action a tiny much easier would have been to hang the turkey by his feet and let all of the feathers fall to the ground.  This would have produced it a lot cleaner course of action. (Thanks to a reader for that suggestion).

Click right here to watch this video on YouTube if you do not have Flash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ldENI-MvqY&ampfeature=plcp


Have you had results Turkey Hunting? If so please share a superior tip or trick in the comments under!

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