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Final year, headlines from about the globe have been plagued with tragic river accidents. 4 Americans passed away on a rafting trip in Costa Rica. Two Australians passed away in separate kayaking incidents in Nepal. The southeast U.S. alone had 4 separate whitewater kayaking deaths. And these examples are only a little sample of the river tragedies that occurred in 2018.

Even though some accidents are however inevitable, there are a lot of scenarios exactly where an accident can simply be avoided. Sadly, most nations lack standardized guidelines that you may well count on from inside the whitewater market. This is a lot more widespread in significantly less economically created nations. Nonetheless, it is crucial to anxiety this does not imply that all firms in significantly less economically created nations are unsafe. You just have to set a handful of standard requirements, and know how to choose the very best a single! No matter exactly where you are in the globe, there are a handful of standard points to appear for in a rafting business to make certain you have a secure and enjoyable whitewater knowledge.

Rafting in Morocco. Photo: Ben Baber

Leader to Participant Ratios

The whitewater market has basic security requirements for guide-to-participant ratios on industrial rafting and kayaking trips.  

A secure market normal on a fourteen-foot raft is a single guide to every single six participants. Most firms will not reside up to this normal, but if you want the safest knowledge – this is it! Ask your business what their leader to participant ratio is! 

It all boils down to this – any raft can flip. When that occurs, a single guide is anticipated to rescue the raft, re-flip the raft, then save every participant. If you are a single of these participants, do you want to be the sixth particular person to be rescued or the ninth? The far better firms will lower the quantity of persons in the raft to maintain the weight balanced, the trip secure, and to maximize the rafting knowledge.

Kayaking carries higher threat than rafting just due to the truth that the participants are in manage of their personal boat, rather than a educated guide. As an alternative, the guide is ordinarily in their personal kayak telling you how to manoeuvre from a separate craft. Sector requirements propose a ratio of a single guide to every single 4 participants for kayaking and canoeing. Nonetheless, this ratio may possibly lower and grow to be 1:three or even 1:two as the whitewater gets a lot more difficult and consequential.

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Security Boats

Security boats are your very best pal on the river. If a participant falls from a raft, they run the threat of becoming swept away by the existing. This is when the security boat shines. It will pluck you out of the water and give you a secure ride back to your raft or shore. It is a recognized market normal to in no way have a single-boat trip. If there are only adequate clients to fill a single boat, then there really should normally be a security kayak or security raft along with the participant-filled raft.

With several rafts on the river, there really should normally be a security kayak or security raft to assistance the trip. This may possibly pose an added monetary burden for the rafting business, but it is a little value to spend to enhance participant security. Complications from time to time arise when firms attempt to reduce corners, maybe deciding to take a guide off the water and undercut the competitors by five dollars. If your business does not have a security craft, locate out why.

In some areas, it has grow to be normal for single or half-day trips to not have a security boat when they have two or a lot more complete rafts. The theory right here is that the other boats on the river will offer security for a single other. This is a debatable normal, but in some areas, you may well not be capable to locate a business that makes use of security boats for shorter trips. Absolutely for multi-day trips, no matter how a lot of rafts, there really should be a security boat.

Rafting in Nepal. Photo: Ben Baber

Reduce-Off Levels

Each and every river rises and falls according to snowmelt, rainfall, or adjustments in upstream dam release. It can occur with the altering of the seasons, or it can occur in ten minutes with altering climate patterns. Corporations really should have a set reduce-off limit for every river they operate on. This reduce-off level really should be primarily based on their personal professional expertise of that river.

A single superior way to double-verify a business is to locate out the reduce-off levels for quite a few other firms operating that river. Contact them up, send them an e mail, verify their web page – what ever you need to have to do to locate out. If your company’s level is substantially larger than the competition’s, ask why! Is it for the reason that they have a lot more knowledgeable guides and offer a lot more security kayakers or rafts? If not, it may possibly be a funds-motivated selection that could translate to a unsafe knowledge for clients.


Adequately maintained and up-to-date gear is a very important portion of whitewater security. All participants really should put on a Private Floatation Device (PFD), closed-toed footwear, and a helmet. If the guide hasn’t checked that your gear is fitted properly, do not get on the water.

The shelf-life of most outside gear is about 10 years. You can use this as a guideline when deciding which gear will maintain you afloat and maintain your head intact.

All PFDs from the United States have to be authorized by the United States Coast Guard. They will be marked to show they have been via a standardized testing procedure. You will see this written as “USCG Kind V.” Any item from Europe have to have a certification “EN ISO 12402-five / 12402-six.”

Come across out a lot more information and facts on IOS requirements relating to PFDs right here.

For Helmets, appear for the CE normal CE EN 1385. This guarantees your helmets is appropriate for whitewater and has been tested accordingly.

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Whitewater Kayaking in Nepal. Photo: Ben Baber


It is forbidden for guides and participants to consume alcohol on the river. Intoxicated participants can pose as substantially of a threat to the security of the trip as an intoxicated guide. Take note of the company’s alcohol policy, and if you have any issues that your guide or yet another participant may possibly be intoxicated, make certain to raise these issues.


There are many distinctive qualifications for whitewater guides. From the British Canoe Union, to the American Canoe Association, to Rescue three International. The problems is that certifications cover distinctive capabilities according to the river and nation in which the certification procedure took location. Nonetheless, no matter how substantially the certifications differ, every single guide really should have a minimum of a swiftwater rescue certificate, a Initially Help/CPR certification, as properly as some sort of whitewater guide certification and/or in-residence whitewater education.  


Whitewater activities are risky. There is no way about it. Nonetheless, with appropriate education, ability, gear, and knowledge, this threat can be mitigated. Take the time to investigation the business you go with, and make it a lasting memory for the proper causes.

Rafting in Nepal. Photo: Ben Baber


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