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Bast fibres like lime or willow bark, spruce roots, and the like. Challenging to get the roots up in some cases when it really is frozen ground although. Bark comes off and it warms up and seperates with a fair bit of perform. Beating it assists.
That mentioned, in drier locations nettles stand more than winter, and when the leaves have fallen the stems can be stripped of their sheathing and that is a sort of organic retting approach that leaves the fine fibers readily available for spinning into gorgeous cordage :)
If you can locate decent situation rushes, they can be stripped out and shredded into fine lengths. These twist and ply up quite properly. They will not take dogs abuse, but they will perform at a pinch. Attempted it and it really is not multi use stuff, but it did the job.

There is a different a single that will sound completely off the wall, but garden lobelia, if left in situ, quietly rots down to a cluster of stems. These stems are wealthy in fibre although, mainly because the lobelia is a member of the flax household and it’ll twist up into superior cordage as well. Clematis (choose the appropriate sort although) also functions. Fiona managed it with ivy, and I managed it making use of fleece gathered from a barbed wire fence.

Bound to be people know a lot much more than I do although.

Good exciting subject :cool: enjoyable to play about with :)



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