7 Ideal Handgun Laser Sights (Reviewed 2019)


Investing a good laser sight although hunting or practicing shooting is a clever investment. It can enable you increase your overall performance promptly with a firearm by adding your accuracy.

Locate a higher-excellent, however inexpensive handgun laser sight is a entirely difficult and time-consuming, in particular for the newbies.

In contrast to picking out garments or meals, getting a laser sight demands you to realize the product’s capabilities and technical specification, which may perhaps drive you crazy.

Not too long ago, we’ve received tons of requests on reviewing most effective handgun laser sight.

Therefore, right now, we jot down this report to give you a superior understanding of handgun laser sight and suggest the prime 7 goods that we spent a lot of time and work to attempt out.

Let’s take a closer appear to see what we have right now!

Leading 7 Ideal Pistol Laser Sights 2019

1 Crimson Trace Lasergrips Series – Ideal for Novices

Crimson Trace Lasergrips Series

If you are searching for for a price range-friendly laser sight, we extremely suggest the Crimson Trace LaserGrip.

This item is our all-time preferred item in the LaserMax’s laser sight item line.

This item is an astounding addition to virtually revolvers and pistols.

The arrangement tends to make this item appropriate for most holsters as it is lightweight and advantageous in enhancing accuracy.

The laser dot is super vibrant. It makes use of lithium battery variety, which can deliver roughly four hours of use.

Interestingly, like other higher-finish laser sight suppliers, it also comes with a five-year shelf life.

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two Streamlight 69230 TLR-2s

 Streamlight TLR-2s

Streamlight is a renowned brand providing revolutionary, transportable, and premium-excellent lighting goods worldwide. Amongst a wide variety of Streamlight goods, Streamlight 69230 TLR-2s stands out.

This item is a compact, and lightweight tactical light featuring cutting-edge shockproof energy LED technologies. It can operate constantly at least two.five hours when set in dual mode and higher energy visible laser.

Its rail clamp is smartly developed to attach/ detach from side of weapon devoid of tools promptly.

The Streamlight manufacturer also cautiously adds a latch mechanism and tethered battery door to deliver effortless battery replacement and place a quit to battery door loss.

As we described prior to, this item highlights the C3 LED technologies creating brighter and far more highly effective light compared to a higher-intensity LED. It is impervious to shock up to 50,000 hours.

In addition, to pierce the darkness and deliver lengthy run occasions, it is added a Streamlight-engineered reflector is generating an intense beam.

It has four kinds of keys: GL (Normal), MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny, Smith &amp Wesson 99/TSW, Beretta 90two. GL’s slot is five/32-inch wide and thinner than the Picatinny crucial. The Picatinny is .206-inch wide.

A couple of Picatinny keys nonetheless call for a regular crucial primarily based on the rail’s building.

Smith and Wesson keys are far more extended. They are appropriate for rails which have a non-regular distance among the trigger guard and the slot. Beretta 90 two is quite related to the Picatinny. Nevertheless, its dimension is various.

In basic, this is a price range-friendly and tough handgun laser sight. Nevertheless, the only factor we dislike about this item is its laser. It requires us copious occasions to adjust.

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three Ade Sophisticated Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight – Match With All Handgun Sizes

Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Laser Sight

Ade Sophisticated Optics is a fairly new brand in the firearms accessory business. At the moment, it handles private label production for a couple of main retailers and suppliers.

Despite the fact that it has just entered the worldwide marketplace, its goods are trusted and applied by hundred thousand handgun lovers worldwide.

Amongst several inexpensive Ade Sophisticated Optics laser sight, we are impressed by the Ade Sophisticated Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight for Pistol Handgun.

Retain reading to find out the purpose why this item wins our hearts.

The Ade Sophisticated Optics HG5G Strobe Laser Sight is nicely-performed, ultra lightweight, compact and inexpensive.

It delivers the brightest green laser granted by Law. This non-handheld class 3R laser gives up to 5Mw energy output.

A single function that delights us is that it can set up in a second and can be efficiently transferred from firearm to firearm.

Plus, its CR1/3N battery can run up to 1 year, so you can freely use it devoid of getting afraid of out of battery.

In addition, this laser sight is entirely controlled by the ambidextrous switch. It has two modes: strobe and continuous-on to let customers to set their preferred mode effortlessly.

Ultimately, however importantly, this handgun laser sight presents 1-year No-Hassle replacement warranty.

When getting, it will come with a package possessing complete of batteries, directions, and important tools. Therefore, rather of search Youtube on how to set up almost everything, all you require is following up the directions.

In terms of cons, the laser sight’s button is a bit difficult to operate. It is equipped to numerous solutions although customers require only an on and off switch.

To sum up, this Ade Sophisticated Optics laser sight possesses a tough and higher-excellent building and good warranty policy. It can match all complete size and subcompact size handguns with the rail below the barrel.

You do not have to take time considering about whether or not it match your handgun or not. Acquire it or regret later.

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four TACTICON Laser Sight – Lifetime Warranty

TACTICON Laser Sight

Like Ade Sophisticated Optics, Tacticon is also a new brand astounding its consumers with a nicely-developed and higher-overall performance laser sight.

Interestingly, it is a combat veteran owned organization. The owners are all soldiers, so they have powerful insight and deep understanding of how to make good gun accessories.

In this report, the Tacticon Laser Sight is our choose.

What tends to make this item outstanding is that it is exceptionally visible and highly effective. It can be effortlessly noticed by the naked eye at a distance of up to 100 meters.

What is far more, this Tacticon laser sight presents the most extraordinary accuracy. You can use the windage wrenches and elevation to adjust and zero-in the laser.

In addition, this versatile laser sight can be mounted with a weaver rail or Picatinny on all kinds of firearms. Even though making use of, we located out some battery get in touch with troubles when the pistol is discharged.

In contrast to other brands in the present marketplace, Tacticon brand presents an further set of batteries and an astounding lifetime warranty policy.

In case you are no longer interested in the Tacticon laser sight, or there is anything incorrect occurs, you can simply return the goods for a complete refund or a entirely new model.

How exciting it is! Let’s be a clever buyer. And picking out this Tacticon Laser Sight is what a clever user does.

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five Laser Max LMS-RMSR Rail Mounted Laser – Our Choose

Laser Max LMS-RMSR Rail Mounted Laser

Laser Max is a worldwide leader in miniaturized and hardened laser systems.

It delivers a extensive variety of premium-excellent laser sights for private protection, education use, and property defense.

In this report, Laser Max LMS-RMSR Rail Mounted Laser is our choose.

This item presents a decisive targeting benefit in low light. Additionally, it is cleverly developed with an integral Picatinny and the pistol frame’s sleek lines for the tactical light’s attachment.

This Laser Max laser possesses a extremely sophisticated plan which permits the user to pick the pulsed or steady beam choice for more rapidly target identification and superior visibility.

Its vibrant red laser is entirely adjustable for elevation and windage.

The integral rail is added for attachment of light and accessories. Plus, it capabilities automatic time-out function to make a quit for inadvertent battery drain.

This Class IIIa Laser product’s energy output is up to 5mW. Nevertheless, this item is quite costly, and it can not be tightened down.

Ultimately, however importantly, Laser Max presents a five-year warranty. Therefore, you can discover oneself at peace when getting this outstanding laser sight.

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six HiLight 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight &amp Green Laser Sight Combo – Ideal for Sub-compact Pistols

HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo

If you are quite new to HiLight’s goods, please verify out the Highlight 500lm Strobe Pistrol Flashlight &amp Green Laser Sight Combo.

When getting this laser sight, it comes with a constructed-in rechargeable battery and a charger powering CREE LED with a runtime of 55 minutes and 500-lumen output.

The HiLight laser sight model is out there in 7 kinds such as fundamental model, green laser, IR-green, Laser-lit-combo, red/green duo laser, W/green laser, and W/stress switch. You can freely pick the variety you want.

Primarily based on our personal expertise, to set up this device, your pistol need to have clear space which is higher than 1 1/8” or 29mm. In terms of its cons, its battery life is quite pathetic. It tends to drain devoid of getting applied constantly.

In brief, this exceptionally low profile LED flashlight green laser combo is born for sub-compact pistols.

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7 Viridian C5L Universal Green Laser Sight and Tac Light – Ideal for Urgent Circumstance

Viridian C5L Universal Green Laser Sight and Tac Light

In case you do not know, Viridian is a USA-primarily based leader in weapon-mounted technologies.

It innovates a wide variety of firearm innovations such as Truth weapon-mounted cameras, green and red laser sights, TacLoc holsters, LED weapon-mounted illuminators, ECR Immediate-ON activation technologies, and several shooting accessories.

Amongst copious Viridian laser sights, we are right away attracted by the Viridian C5L Universal Green Laser Sight.

This Class 3R Laser product’s energy output can be up to 5mW. It makes use of a visible targeting dot in indoors or outdoors, day or evening.

Viridian applies radiance technologies, which permits the user to have a superior view threat across a wider location and disorient attackers.

Equivalent to Tacticon Laser Sight, this Viridian is also developed with 140 Lumen strobe modes and 100 lumens of vibrant light with horizontal light dispersion.

Moreover, it capabilities ECR Immediate ON, so consumers do not have to fumble in urgent circumstances.

It has three modes: 60 minutes in laser and light mode, four+ hours in continuous laser mode and 7+ hours of pulsing laser mode.

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Why Must You Mount A Laser On Your Pistol?

Mounting a laser on your pistol has many rewards, such as:

Lasers Can Help Education And Practice Efficiently

Let us clarify it to you. Initial of all, applying a laser although practicing will deliver feedback on your trigger presses’ excellent.

In case you move the gun, even a bit, the laser will visibly move, and you may perhaps see the laser dot is no longer on the target as prior to. Therefore, you know your weakness and strengthen in the subsequent shoot.

Secondly, the laser can facilitate reside fire practice. If you jerk the trigger or milk the gun although firing a reside round, as the very first case, the laser on the target will alter and show to you clearly.

Lasers Will Be Beneficial When Shooting From Unconventional Positions

Commonly, you can simply shoot from the traditional shooting position as you can capture a superior sight image.

Nevertheless, issues alter when it comes to the low-prepared position. With a laser, you can simply aim and shoot from the low-prepared position

Must you Pick a Red or Green Laser?

If you are wavering among red and green laser, we’ll list down numerous variations among green and red beam laser so you can have your personal selection.


When it comes to functioning in indoors, although red laser has a variety of 20-30ft, the green laser has a variety of 50-60ft. In this case, the green laser is the winner

When functioning outside and beyond 60ft, a green laser is certainly a winner.

Price tag

Primarily based on our personal expertise, we located out that a green laser is far more costly than red laser as it has further components like a frequency-doubling crystal, a second infrared laser crystal, and an 808 diode.


Compared to the red laser, the green laser has a shorter battery life.

Low battery level may perhaps have an effect on the green beams’ visibility. Therefore, the green laser tends to drain far more battery than a red laser.


To sum up, in this report, we’ve listed down the prime 7 most effective handgun laser sights.

Hopefully, you can discover your preferred 1. Amongst these goods, Ade Sophisticated Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight is our all-time preferred.

If you have any query, do not neglect to comment down beneath, we’ll attempt to answer as rapidly as attainable.

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