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October 3rd, 2019

Absolutely free Books! Download Absolutely free Classic Gun &amp Hunting Titles

download free gun books

Free Classic Shooting BooksIn today’s economy, Absolutely free is great. Here’s a list of classic, older shooting books that can be downloaded for Absolutely free from Google Books. This list involves a lot of classic treatises on marksmanship that nonetheless have worth for today’s competitive shooters. In addition, we’ve integrated illustrated firearm histories, such as Townsend Whelen’s fascinating book, The American Rifle, and The Gun and its Improvement (9th Ed.), by William Wellington Greener.

In the list beneath, the title hyperlink will take you to the Google Books web page for every book. You can study the complete book on the web, or you can download it to your computer system as a PDF file* and save it (or print it). You can also generate your personal Google Library and save the books there for access from any computer system.

The Bullet’s Flight From Powder to Target, Franklin W. Mann, 1909, 384 pages.

Irish Riflemen in America, Sir Arthur Blennerhassett Leech, 1875, 216 pages.

The American Rifle, Townsend Whelen, 1918, 637 pages.

Ideas to Military Riflemen, Townsend Whelen, 1909, 243 pages.

Modern day Rifle Shooting From the American Standpoint, W. G. Hudson, 1903, 155 pages.

Manual for Rifle Practice: Which includes Ideas for Practice at Extended Variety, George Wood Wingate, 1879, 303 pages.

How I Became a Crack Shot — With Hints to Newbies, W. Milton Farrow, 1882, 204 pages.

Cartridge Manufacture, Douglas Thomas Hamilton, 1916, 167 pages.

Description and Guidelines for the Management of the United States Rifle, Caliber .30, Model of 1903, United States Army Ordnance Dept., 1904 (5th rev. 1914), 72 pages.

Springfield 1903 rifle U.S. Army

*To download a book, initially click the title from the list above. Then, when you are at the Google book web page, appear for the icon that appears like a gear in the upper ideal-hand corner. Click that and a pull-down menu will seem. Pick “Download PDF” from the menu — this will bring up a safety query to make confident you are a human. Respond to the safety query appropriately and your regular download prompt will seem. Decide on a place to hold your new e-book, and click “save”.

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