Ashes Nevertheless Water Boats Releases Plans for a 13’ Canoe, The Anglers Pack


Anglers Pack - Glenn Town - 1.jpg

Ashes Nevertheless Water Boats has released plans for a quite steady 13’ canoe known as The Anglers Pack. It has a 33” beam and will weigh among 30 and 35 pounds.

&#8220It is somewhat special in that its a pack (style) boat, but with a considerably wider beam. Her metacentric height is at 21” which signifies in contrast to most pack boats a paddler can set up a seat at 9” or 10” off the floor with no sacrificing stability. The intent was to draw one thing could compete with the sit-on-top rated fishing kayaks that appear to be proliferating… but be prettier, lighter, and inside the scope of amateur builders to place collectively.&#8221

&mdash Trevor Paetkau – Designer and Builder


Buy digital plans for $65 U.S.D. or printed plans for $85 U.S.D.

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