Buck Destroys Deer Decoy [VIDEO]



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Earlier this week, we saw a rutting bull elk attack a tourist in Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colorado.

The rut is the mating season for whitetail and elk, and is characterized by an boost in testosterone and agression—and a marked lack of frequent sense.

In a nutshell, the rut brings out some strange behavior in bucks and bulls.

Which brings us to today’s video from Realtree Outdoors. In the video, Michael Hunsucker is bowhunting in Missouri with the aid of a Scarface Buck Decoy.

The buck in question—which Michael has taken to calling “Little Louie”—becomes incensed by the presence of a challenger. Michael tries a couple of calls, but the buck is fixated on the decoy. His ears are pinned back and he is prepared for company.

Skip to about 1:00 if you just want to see the buck obliterate the decoy. Watch the rest of the video to see Michael harvest the buck.

Fortunately for Michael, the buck stops cold to make confident he’s won. And that is when Michael lets the arrow fly.

It is a direct hit just behind the front shoulder. The animal tends to make it about 50 yards just before dropping like a bag of dirt.

Good-searching buck.

On his way to the downed buck, Michael stops and picks up the pieces of his decoy. “Scarface is in shambles, he remarks.”




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