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October 4th, 2019

Click-Adjust FL Die Systems from PMA Tool &amp Whidden Gunworks

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1 of the most critical elements of precision reloading is setting the shoulder bump in the course of the complete-length (FL) sizing course of action. You want the quantity of “bump” to be precise and identical for every single loaded round. On the other hand, when you switch brands of brass you may perhaps will need to transform the die position to get the preferred bump and case physique sizing. And even with the similar brand of brass, you may perhaps obtain that you will need to adjust your FL die as the quantity of brass load cycles increases. Brass that has been fired numerous occasions will behave differently than new or close to-new brass.

Also, even with the similar cartridge sort, brass loaded for a semi-auto rifle may perhaps will need far more bump than brass fired in a bolt gun. For instance, with .223 Rem ammo, you will typically want to push the shoulder back farther if the ammo will be shot in a AR15 as opposed to a bolt-action rig.

So how do you make all these necessary adjustments for your complete-length dies? You can move a traditional locking ring up and down, but that can be a tedious, trial-and-error course of action. Some guys use shims in 1-thousandth intervals, but that nevertheless needs taking your dies in and out of the press. Effectively there is a improved way now…

PMA Tool Micro-Die Adjuster

Wouldn’t it be good if you could precisely adjust your FL die up and down in half-thousandth increments, with a uncomplicated indexed click. That is now doable with goods presented by PMA Tool and Whidden Gunworks. PMA Tool delivers a Micro-Die Adjuster that replaces your current lock ring and can be utilized with almost any 7/eight-14 complete length sizing die. The engraved marks correspond to around .001″ of shoulder bump adjustment. Splitting the engraved marks is hence around equal to .0005″ (half a thousandth). Customers like this item, saying it adds precision and saves time.

Whidden Click-Adjustable FL Sizing Die Technique

Whidden Gunworks delivers a full click-adjustable FL sizer die with a particular, indexed ring. With Whidden’s patent-pending Click Adjustable Sizer Die method, the die and lock ring operate with each other to let fast, precise bump adjustments. 1 click modifications the bump .001″. It is uncomplicated and quick. Integrated with the Click Adjustable Sizer Die is a shoulder bump gauge. John Whidden (in video under) explains:

“There has come to be a will need for an a lot easier way to adjust the sizer die appropriately. Till now there have been couple of alternatives other than trial and error to get the shoulder setback appropriate. Everyone who has completed this can attest that it is a slow and imprecise job! Our die and lock ring operate with each other to give the user a clicking really feel to the adjustment. Every click moves the shoulder bump .001” so you can very easily obtain the precise shoulder bump that you want.” — John Whidden

Common Ideas on Setting Up and Applying Sizing Dies

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