E212: Figuring out How Significantly Ammo to Retailer for When SHTF (or not)


Determining How Much Ammo to Store
In this episode, we go over how significantly ammo to shop. This will be a quick back to fundamentals show. Men and women generally wrestle with how significantly ammo is adequate. Nowadays, we attempt to place issues into point of view.

Ten thousand rounds of stored ammo is a quantity you will locate generally in on the net discussions about how significantly ammo to shop. And at 1st blush, to new preppers, ten thousand rounds look entirely affordable. We are preparing for SHTF and TEOTWAWKI, ideal?

But hardly ever is this quantity justified. And when the ten thousand rounds ammo storage answer is justified, it is typically for unrealistic reasons.

So in this back-to-fundamentals episode, we’ll go over what to take into consideration rather than an precise quantity. And we’ll do a believed experiment to investigate how significantly ammo to shop. The outcome may well adjust your thoughts and point of view on the subject.

And we’ll speedily cover a fundamental gun battery so we have all our ducks in a row.

Figuring out How Significantly Ammo to Retailer:

  • The 4 guns that make up a fundamental gun battery
  • Why .22 is such a versatile staple round of preparedness
  • How significantly ammo would you go via in a year right after a societal collapse
  • Breaking down storing ammo by use form
    • defense ammo
    • practice ammo
    • hunting ammo
  • Why absolutely everyone gets it incorrect when taking into consideration how significantly ammo to shop
  • Lessons we can study from survivors of modern day collapses
  • When avoidance and evasion are a improved method than acquiring into a gunfight
  • Why you are most likely to under no circumstances see a prolonged gun battle in a collapse
  • When ammo storage numbers are pulled out of one’s butt
  • Factoring ammo storage into your bugout plans
  • Applying ammo as a barter item
  • Why you need to be storing ammo


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