FBI Report: Yes, Homicides by Gun (Even the AR-15) Are Falling


With a each day diet plan of 24-7 news cycles, it is no wonder most people today are terrified of becoming a victim, or worse – getting our young children in the crosshairs of an evildoer.

Thank God this happens far much less than the media would have us think.

Crime in the United States in fact took a dive of 7% amongst 2017 and 2018.  This is fantastic news, but it is been woefully overlooked by the media for clear factors:  superior news does not sell.

According to a recently released report from the FBI, homicides dropped by six% final year.  This dip follows reported minor increases in each violent crime and homicide, which is most likely due to considerable increases in crime ravaged cities such as Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis.

A point GOC finds remarkably considerable is that there was a considerable decline in homicides by guns – especially these committed with rifles.

The Cost-free Beacon reports that “Overall, violent crime prices fell by just below four %, from 383.eight offenses per 100,000 people today to 368.9, the report shows. That decline reflects not just the six % reduction in the homicide price, but also decreases in the robbery and aggravated assault prices. Amongst violent crimes, only the price of rapes enhanced, increasing from 41.7 rapes per 100,000 people today to 42.six. The house crime price fell for the 19th consecutive year.”

One particular of the most considerable points in the report was the drop in the homicide price.  This signifies a considerable reversal, considering that for the 1st time in more than ten years – in each 2015 and 2016 – homicides have been on their way up.

A point GOC finds remarkably considerable is that there was a considerable decline in homicides by guns – especially these committed with rifles. The Cost-free Beacon produced the shrewd observation that the “decline is specifically noteworthy offered the increasingly heated rhetoric about firearms regulation from contenders in the 2020 Democratic main.” Certainly – there’s been a lot of fist pumping on this – the candidates have practically signaled unanimous calls for restrictions – and outright bans – on contemporary sporting rifles such as the AR-15.

Who does not celebrate a decline in crime – no matter how tiny or big?  Naturally, it is superior news that shootings and murders are taking a dive rather than ramping upward, suitable?  But to the Left and their media compatriots, there’s been no good observance of this FBI Report – in fact, the silence has been deafening.

Such superior news notwithstanding, we do have to have to spend focus to the major image.  The FBI also reported that in spite of the truth that each crime and homicide raters decreased final year, they are nonetheless higher than these in 2014.  With regards to that point, the Cost-free Beacon wrote that  “By comparison to the precipitous prices of decline in the 1990s and early 2000s, the annual rise and fall of the previous 10 years appears to have coalesced about a violent crime price far under its 1992 peak, but far above exactly where it was in 1960.“  They conclude with a sobering statement: “This exact same trend seems in the not too long ago released National Crime and Victimization Survey, which tracks crime victimization via a statistical sample of the population. Each survey findings recommend the exact same conclusion: America’s 20-year crime decline might have come to a close.”

Extra than ever ahead of, the integrity of the 2nd Amendment should be upheld.  Our government – as bloated as it has develop into in the previous 50 years can’t assign a cop to every single and just about every one particular of us.  As a result, the most efficient path to not becoming a victim in this broken planet of ours is to make absolute particular that we hang onto our suitable to shield ourselves, our residences and our households.


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