Niffelheim for Xbox One particular assessment: Hardcore survival with a Norse theme


Mythology, specifically the Greek selection, is normally employed as a basis for video game settings. Nevertheless, one particular sort of myth that has constantly felt underrepresented in the gaming business is Norse. Fortunately, although, there is a new title that modifications that norm. That title is Niffelheim, and it really is a hardcore side-scrolling survival game set in the cold and misty depths of the globe of the similar name. And whilst the game surely has a couple of troubles, the general expertise is great and will satisfy players hunting for a enjoyable, engaging challenge.

To Valhalla we go



Bottom line: In spite of its troubles, Niffelheim stands as a incredibly competent hardcore survival game that players will be engaged with for hours on finish.


  • Cool story premise.
  • Challenging, but rewarding gameplay.
  • Fantastic presentation.
  • Robust replay aspect.


  • Sharp difficulty spike in the late game.
  • Combat could have additional depth.

What you are going to appreciate about Niffelheim

The ideal issue about Niffleheim is its gameplay expertise, which is incredibly engaging and satisfying. As a warrior who has fallen to the depths of Niffelheim, you ought to get to Valhalla by collecting fragments of a portal to Asgard. You happen to be going to have to have to collect supplies from the misty, freezing lands, and take on its risky inhabitants to make oneself much better gear and develop your strength. Activities in the game include things like gathering wood, mining, combat, base-constructing, and crafting rations to hold your hunger and overall health in verify. Death comes rapidly to the unprepared, but with appropriate organizing and tactic, you can find out to overcome these obstacles. Niffelheim is a incredibly difficult survival game, but it really is a rewarding one particular. If you go into it with a patient and thoughtful mindset, you are going to finish the game feeling like you have completed an epic journey against not possible odds. You can select from one particular of 4 classes at the get started of each and every game as effectively, and each and every class has incredibly distinctive stats for factors like harm, defense, and hunger level. This tends to make the game incredibly replayable.

Niffelheim is a difficult, but rewarding expertise that kept me hooked for hours on finish.

My subsequent favourite issue about Niffelheim is the setting and story notion. A hardcore survival expertise set in the depths of a Norse globe is cool, and this game brings the notion to life in exceptional strategies — primarily by possessing excellent focus to detail and becoming (somewhat) precise to Norse myth ideas. It really is clear that the developers have a excellent appreciate for Norse mythology, and that appreciate shows. You can see it in anything, from the vast landscapes you are going to discover to the wealthy and detailed design and style of the characters, and even in the weapons, armor, and other kinds of gear that these characters use.

Speaking of visuals, Niffelheim’s presentation aspect is best-notch. The game makes use of a wonderful hand-crafted artwork and animation, and whilst it can appear a small clunky at initially glance, you are going to quickly come to appreciate its charming qualities. The game is wealthy in colour and has great sound design and style, also, bringing life to anything from the howling winds to the skeleton soldiers dwelling deep inside caverns.

What you are going to appreciate much less about Niffelheim

Although there is a lot to appreciate about Niffelheim, it is not without the need of some difficulties. The largest one particular is that the game has a huge and out-of-location difficulty spike towards the finish that does not match with the all-natural difficulty progression that the rest of the game has. I am not confident why it does this, but it causes the finish of the game to come to be a bit of a chore as a outcome. It does not spoil the rest of the expertise, although.

The other problem I have with Niffelheim is that I believe it could have had additional fascinating combat. For the most element, factors boil down to just blocking, swinging your sword, or firing a ranged weapon. Although there is a tactic in mastering how to kite hordes of foes, it would have been cool to have a additional varied set of moves to master. Fortunately, there is a lot additional to do in Niffelheim than fight, so the intermittent bursts of combat will not really feel also repetitive.

Really should you get Niffelheim?

Although the troubles with combat and the strange spike of difficulty in the late game are definitely worth maintaining in thoughts, the rest of Niffelheim’s satisfying gameplay mechanics and impressive visuals imply that it really is nevertheless a great game in spite of these difficulties. Lots of people have wanted a higher-high-quality Norse-themed title for a extended time, and with Niffelheim, they have it.

out of five

If you appreciate Norse mythology, hard survival games, or each, I extremely suggest checking out Niffelheim.

To Valhalla we go


Fight your way to Asgard

In spite of its troubles, Niffelheim stands as a incredibly competent hardcore survival game that players will be engaged with for hours on finish.

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