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I dug by means of the knife drawer this morning, and I am gonna run a different swift small giveaway.

These small folders are good to throw in your pocket when operating into town, or perhaps even a thing semi formal or enterprise exactly where a pocket clip will not do.


To enter, say “I am in”

The caveat is, considering that they are identical, you Ought to enter oneself AND somebody else (ninja proxies for two names will also be accepted)

I will run it till Sunday evening 6pm EST.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand go!

Entry list:
1.) ExAF1N1, Grace below fire
two.) Lyco.woodsrunner, HannahT
three.) WY_Not, jswi2374
four.) Skeptiksks, MisterHoodoo
five.) Will62, MrFixIt
six.) Cullum, 1066vik
7.) Hma153, B.B.
eight.) Pellegrino, BetterNotBiiterIsSurvival
9.) Hawkce541, NWPrimate
10.) Thunder9, Howie
11.) NevadaBlue, CoyoteCharlie
12.) PrimitivePotato, HannahT
13.) Seeker, Outside Dauber
14.) Luchtaine, CivilizationDropout
15.) JohnP, Wasp
16.) IzaWildman, Central Joe
17.) Primordial, Beach Hiker
18.) White Falcon, Nautreida
19.) Gohammergo, SeaHunter



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