Right here are eight minutes of gameplay footage from The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners


A couple of days ago, we informed you about a new VR game primarily based on The Walking Dead franchise, The Walking Dead: Saints &amp Sinners. And now, COGconnected published a video displaying eight minutes of gameplay footage from it.

In The Walking Dead: Saints &amp Sinners, players will have to make gut-wrenching alternatives and come across out who they are in their fight for survival. Alongside walkers, players will also have to face the continuous threats of violence, illness, and famine.

Moreover, freedom of option and visceral combat guarantee to offer you players a new way to reside survival horror in a deep-rooted VR gaming practical experience.

Players can scale buildings to ambush enemies from above, hold down a walker’s head to rip a knife out of its skull or attack from a distance with throwing weapons, bows and lengthy-variety firearms. Players will be in a position to select from an arsenal of weapons. Moreover, the will be in a position to craft their personal to match their play style and survive their way. Physics-primarily based combat tends to make each and every swing of an axe or jab of a knife resonate with influence.

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