Duane, a keyboard jockey with a “stripper zippo” lighter headline’s today’s Each day Carry pocket dump of the day.

He calls it his “Friday Evening Hang.”  Good photography, I’ll give him that.  I’ve got to say, the only guys I know who bring the bottle of cologne along with them are either lacking self-self-confidence, haven’t showered in a couple of days, or they are imbibing Mary Jane and attempting to mask the skunk.

But what do I know?  I believed “Creed” was some sort of booze.  I guess that is what occurs when you are married with youngsters.  You do not preserve up on the newest fragrances, appropriate?

So Duane’s got a brass knuckle.  Singular.  Intriguing.  Wonder if that qualifies as an illicit weapon these days.

Appreciate the P365 in a pocket holster.  Good.  Discrete and deep cover all at when.

The Sinn EZM three watch is really good, and pricey.  Why invest 4- or 5-figures on a watch if nobody’s heard of it prior to even though?  Possibly it is like a secret club or it is just a good watch he wears with pride.  His stuff does all appear quite brand spankin’ new even though.  Which includes the gun.

Oh properly, the only point missing is a light to see into these dark crevices for undesirable points and undesirable folks.  But I suppose the Zippo would operate in a pinch.