The four Kinds Of Gun Owners ⋆


This is not my list and I didn’t make it up. I saw it some exactly where or the other a week or so ago and saved it. I could quibble a bit on some of it but more than all I believe it is fairly precise.I would say there is space for at least 1 or two much more kinds. Like the type who personal a handgun or shotgun that sits in the back of the closet and they do not considerably care about it or the laws that impact them . Have any thoughts on this?

1. Do not help the NFA or ATF or any gun manage regulation, think that all firearms should really be legal stock up on as quite a few firearms, magazines and ammunition as doable have a tendency to carry a concealed firearm just about every day and help open carry think in the correct to self-defense and the correct to resist tyranny adhere to the 2nd Amendment as written prepared to adhere to the identical path that our founding fathers did at Lexington and Concord.

two. Generally make the claim that they help the 2nd Amendment and constantly adhere to with the word “but” do not help open carry of firearms, hardly ever carry firearms themselves did not have an concern with Donald Trump banning bump stocks or displaying opposition to the correct to personal silencers scared of words like “assault weapons” and “silencers” as they cater to leftist political correctness and fears help universal background checks and firearm registration help requiring instruction and licenses to personal firearms.

three. Criminals: Only want firearms to commit crimes such as rape, robbery, murder, mass shootings or terrorist attacks help any and all gun manage as it does not apply to them as written and it will disarm their intended victims

four. Leftists (aka Communists/Antifa): Help any and all gun manage and protest in favor of assault weapons bans have been secretly stashing up on firearms and ammunition have been instruction for decades in preparation to take more than the nation in a violent Communist revolution are harmful and prepared to be martyrs to the lead to of disarmament (see James Hodgkinson, Stephen Paddock and Connor Stephen Betts).

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