The Most Essential Piece of Survival Gear?


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Is there definitely a single piece of survival gear that is the most essential?  I was not too long ago tagged on YouTube to make a video speaking about what I consider is the most essential piece of survival gear.  More particularly what a single item would I want to carry with me in a wilderness survival scenario if I could only carry a single piece of survival gear.

To answer this query I decided to break it down into 3 feasible scenarios.  As you in all probability know there are potentially an endless quantity of conditions and scenarios exactly where a single tool or piece of survival gear would be far more essential than yet another in any other provided wilderness survival scenario.  So I decide on to address the most prevalent items that lead to men and women obtaining themselves in wilderness survival conditions in the actual planet.  The 1st is receiving lost in the wilderness.  The second is receiving injured and not getting capable to return on their personal.  For the third situation I decide on to address which a single piece of survival gear I would want to have with me if I was going out into the wilderness on my personal to challenge myself and see how significantly I could achieve with just that a single piece of survival gear.

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Watch the video under to see which pieces of survival gear I decide on for each and every of the 3 distinct wilderness survival scenarios I described above.  It definitely goes with no saying, but I will say it anyway.  I do not ever advocate spending time in the wilderness with no the standard survival gear or at least a standard survival kit of some sort. Just a single piece of gear is in no way really adequate!

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Click the hyperlink under to watch this video on YouTube if you do not have flash.

What a single piece of survival gear would you carry with you in a wilderness survival scenario?

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