The Renogy Pheonix 100 Mini Energy Station proved compact but mighty


The Renogy Pheonix 100 Mini Power Station proved small but mighty

With all of our electronic toys these days, we want to have techniques to charge them. Headlamps, cameras, GPS, phones, drones, and satellite messengers all have rechargeable batteries and want a charge at some point.

Tiny battery packs are fantastic to charge these accessories on hikes that final 1 to a couple of days but what about road trips, traveling and charging at base camp? In in between the compact pocket chargers and enormous batteries like GoalZero Yetis are a new category of charger that is compact adequate to fly with but can nevertheless charge phones several instances and even laptops.

The Pheonix 100 Mini Energy Station by Renogy fits firmly into that substantial but nevertheless travel-friendly category. It is slightly bigger than a beer can and carries 27000 milliamp-hours (mAh) or 100 watt-hours (Wh) of charge, specifically the per-battery limit you are permitted to fly with per TSA guidelines. It weighs just more than a pound at 17.eight ounces and quickly fits in water bottle pockets and camera lens slots in backpacks.

Pheonix 100 Mini Energy Station Specs

  • 27000 mAh (100 watt-hours)
  • Micro-USB and USB-C inputs
  • Dual-input charging up to 15 watts
  • 15-watt USB-C, 12-watt USB-A, and 100 watt AC outputs
  • overcharge, quick circuit, and existing surge protection
  • cooling fan

The Pheonix 100 has a decent choice of charging ports on it. A 10-watt USB-A port and a 15-watt USB-C port will possibly do most of your charging. The USB-C port is a good addition as most devices will be USB-C in the coming years. It would have been good to see much more than just two USB ports. I carry a drone, telephone, camera and satellite messenger on day hikes which all want a charge although normally not at the exact same time.

The 85 watts (100-watt max) AC outlet is quite valuable for electric coolers, laptops and something else you want to charge that is not USB powered however. For bigger things, some thing like the GoalZero Yeti 400 would function effectively with much more ports and obtainable solar panels but the travel size of the Pheonix 100 is quite handy.

The quick charging utilizing the AC plug generates much more heat than the USB ports do which is exactly where the cooling fan comes in. Holding down the energy button enables the AC plug and turns the fan on. The fan runs the complete time the AC outlet is enabled. The noise sounds like a laptop fan which can be intrusive in a quiet spot but traveling on a plane, it is not noticeable. Other batteries this size all have cooling fans when the AC outlet is operating. The plug cover on the AC outlet stays place but is a tiny fiddly to get back in.

Our battery-powered toys are not going away and USB-C charging on every little thing is just receiving began. The 27000 mAh of energy and AC plug on the Pheonix 100 are quite handy for traveling, road trips, and base camping. The value ($160) is comparatively low for this size of the battery. Whilst you possibly will not take this backpacking, it will function effectively for any plane travel or vehicle-camping adventures. $160. Obtain now.



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