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Nonetheless need to have to be cautious with this stove considering the fact that its base is so tiny – I use a flat rock, and on snow, two-three twigs laid in parallel

Yes that is how I use it (right after all, that is my image you grabbed) and we’ve spoken about the Palmer Furnace config on the WB forum ahead of.

It does burn rapidly and hot, and as you can see in the pix – with some flame lapping up the sides. Nonetheless I actually do not notice it applying a lot extra fuel than something else in my side-by-side tests. My routine is with a measured 20ml for a pint boil and I get ~3ml back at the finish, so ~17ml/pint. Placing it on simmer mode for a slow burn, it runs for 20min on 20ml, boils in ~12min (so 12ml for a pint boil), and then will hold a rolling boil for an additional 8mins, so I can conserve if needed.

Basically I discover I waste extra fuel with other forms of stoves that can not be quickly snuffed out wick stoves exactly where you can not recover the fuel from a saturated wick and stoves with center pot stands or wide flame patterns (considering the fact that I use narrow water bottle nesting pots). Capped stoves (some of yours?) can resolve some that trouble, and the Trangia-variety also by doubling as fuel containers, but I personally do not like getting several possible fuel leak sources in my bags, and rubber o-rings normally ultimately leak on me. I actually like that the Toaks has a centered flame pattern, is simple to snuff out with a pot bottom/lid, recover unused fuel, and then pack-up dry/be concerned-free of charge.

Lastly, the Toak’s powerful thermal feedback (which offers it the immediate bloom) is also a enormous benefit in genuine cold (lights and runs fine in sub-zero F), and also will run properly (and fairly cleanly) on 70% rubbing alcohol or 151 proof (75%) booze… in a pinch, that just opens up extra fuel possibilities. (The Trangia does not light or run ideal at that low alcohol content material)



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