Apparently, Trump and I study The Exact same Newspapers


Tri,[‘comments on J.R. Biden’s dea;omgs om tje Ilraome resonate with what I remember of the fuss and feathers that flew when the events were fresh in memory. So I conclude that Trump is keeping the same company I did before reading became a thing of the past.

I notice that J. Robinette Biden’s contributions are disappointing, and while the Commander in Chief certainly has a right to investigate where military aid money goes, bribery is not illegal in the former Soviet Subject State.

My guess is that the Anti-Party will do everything in can to protect their fellow traveller, but a bald faced attempt to siphon off military aid money is not going to sit well with the folks at home. So the gun banners have gotten up a bunch of raw naval stores, and given a well used dolly a coat of pine tar.

And that is something that is not going to give up when the water gets hot.


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