How to Get Kicked Out of a Duck Blind


DELTA WATERFOWL.ORG From the Archives –
Someplace in the middle of Pennsylvania (I’m cautious with
specifics) lies a farm. And at the edge of that farm lies a pasture. And
by way of that pasture meanders a narrow stream that is invisible to passing
motorists. Hence only pick folks are conscious that the unassuming strip of
water draws ducks. A lot of ducks. Flocks worthy of envy even in a lot more western
flyways — flocks that sometimes contain drake black ducks.

So, as you may suspect, only trustworthy ’fowlers are permitted to
accompany me to this Atlantic Flyway oasis. Practically all have been invited back.
One particular pal, while he may now choose a various term, was not. In spite of
noting the place of the farmer’s barn, my companion took a crack at a tall,
passing drake. Inside seconds, the tink-tink-tink of steel
pellets raining on a tin roof echoed across the house. We haven’t hunted
collectively given that.

guidelines of waterfowling etiquette are not all that difficult to stick to, but
violating them is discourteous at very best, and a security hazard at worst.
Neglecting them can price you hunting possibilities, as properly as friendships.

to finish up hunting alone subsequent season? These missteps will promptly trigger you to
drop your spot in the duck blind.

Do not Train Your Dog – Your dog does not have to nail
500-yard blind retrieves. Heck, the retriever does not even need to have to mark every single
downed bird. Having said that, very good blind manners are needed. No one desires to share a
blind with a Chessie in a China shop.

dog that excitedly prances about the blind, breaks regularly, steals
sandwiches, dangers knocking more than shotguns or spends a lot more time playing in the
decoys than sitting on its retriever stand will trigger your buddies to drop your
telephone quantity.

Shoot Outdoors Your Zone – I was on a trip hosted by a key ammo manufacturer, when a single greenhead decoyed straight off my side of the blind. Just as I started to mount my gun — KABOOM — a fellow outside writer in the center of the blind had leaned about me and fired. The muzzle blast dropped me to my knees. My proper ear has under no circumstances pretty been the similar. [Read More]


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