No Charges For Deputy Who Shot Homeowner From Outdoors the Property


Courtesy Greenville County Sheriff and YouTube

Back in July, I wrote about in incident in South Carolina exactly where a deputy shot a homeowner from outdoors the man’s house. Now, neighborhood authorities have opted not to charge the deputy in the shooting.

The Greenville News has the story:

A Greenville County deputy who shot a Simpsonville homeowner by means of his front-door window has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

The State Law Enforcement Division investigated the shooting and submitted findings to the state Lawyer General’s Workplace, which advised that no criminal charges be filed against Deputy Kevin Azzara.

“It is my legal opinion that the officer utilized lawful force below the situations. As such, we are not recommending initiation of criminal charges against the officer,” Jerrod Fussnecker, an assistant lawyer common, wrote in a disposition letter to SLED that was obtained by The Greenville News.

Initially, the department’s public info officer Lt. Ryan Flood stated this of the incident in a video interview to Fox Carolina:

…”The deputy was quickly greeted by the homeowner who promptly jerked open the door, presented a handgun and pointed it straight at the deputy. At which time the deputy fired at least 1 shot, striking the occupant.”

The Sheriff’s workplace place forth that narrative for 45 days…until it released bodycam video of the incident. That laid bare the department’s utterly false narrative.

Right here it is. NSFW (audio, graphic injury).

And now the neighborhood State’s Lawyer has decided not to file charges against the officer.

The Greenville News reports that the officer didn’t even face internal discipline from his division.

Tench has recovered gradually, and 1 bullet will stay permanently lodged in his physique, Ashmore has told The News. He spent the very first 30 days of his recovery with each bullets in his physique, he stated.

Prior to the SLED investigation’s completion, Azzara was cleared of any policy violations by means of an internal-affairs investigation with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Workplace.

The homeowner will pursue his civil claim for damages in court. Meanwhile the rest of us ought to take away a worthwhile lesson.

As I wrote earlier:

I know a lot of gun owners and fairly a lot with out exception, if you show up un-announced late at evening, the individual answering the door (not necessarily opening the door, but merely answering it) will have tooled up just before performing so.

As such, we all threat getting shot if noticed by means of windows even though holding a gun. So the moral of the story: Do not enable guests a clear line of sight into your house from the exterior.

Even though Dick Tench may perhaps never ever recover fully, if we can keep away from injury ourselves by studying from his encounter, that will have to qualify as a win.


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