The Appalachian Trail is Going to the Supreme Court


Appalachian Trail Blaze

The Supreme Court will choose regardless of whether a controversial new pipeline will be permitted to cross the Appalachian Trail, the physique announced on Friday.

The project has been on hold given that December 2018, when a U.S. appeals court threw out a essential Forest Service permit enabling Dominion Power to construct the planned 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline beneath portions of the Appalachian Trail. In a ruling that quoted The Lorax, Judge Stephanie Thacker concluded that the Forest Service had “abdicated its duty” by ignoring essential security and environmental problems in its overview. She also mentioned that, as a unit of the National Park Service, building projects crossing the Appalachian Trail corridor are topic to Congressional approval.

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The Sierra Club and the Southern Environmental Law Center each sued to block the pipeline final year. In a joint statement, the two groups mentioned that they would fight to preserve the reduce court’s choice.

“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a hazardous, expensive, and unnecessary project and we will not stand by though Duke and Dominion Power attempt to force it on our public lands, threatening people’s well being, endangered species, iconic landscapes, and clean water along the way,” they mentioned.

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In an emailed statement to the Raleigh News &amp Observer, Dominion spokesman Aaron Ruby mentioned the corporation was hopeful that the Supreme Court would “uphold the longstanding precedent enabling pipeline crossings of the Appalachian Trail.”


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