The MSR Trailshot Water Filter Is Ultralight And Productive


There’s a lot to like about the MSR Trailshot.

It appears that each and every year we see a distinct take on transportable water filters. And let’s be truthful, they’re all good at filtering water. For the most element, they all take out the very same nasty points so you can drink safely in the outdoors. What sets them apart is the implementation of the tool itself. Some are straws you stick into the water, some are straws in water bottles, and some are hand pumps. Some perform properly and some do not.

I judge water filters by two aspects: 1) how straightforward it is to use, and two) the flow price. I like straw style water filters mainly because they’re basic, but I do not usually like laying on the ground so I can get it into the water. I also like water bottle filters, but quite a few that I’ve attempted call for a ridiculous quantity of work to suck the water by means of the filter. The MSR Trailshot does not have either of these troubles.

The hose is 17 inches lengthy, and the filter itself is about 5 inches lengthy, which offers you virtually two feet amongst your face and the water. I like this a lot. If the edge of the water is muddy or unstable, you have some area to deal with, and it tends to make it a lot simpler to use.


The other factor I like about the MSR Trailshot is the flow price. The hand pump functions properly, and you can fill up a one particular-liter bottle in a minute. It is straightforward to pump, and the silicone material is comfy. It is also straightforward to detach the hose and connect it to your hydration pack – yet another function that I liked.

Oh yes – the weight! The truth that it is only 5 ounces is impressive. I’m not a trail runner, so the ultralight issue was significantly less critical to me, but on a day hike, it is good to know that you are hardly adding any weight at all with this tiny guy.

Is it worth $50? I feel so. It just does all the things it is supposed to do so properly. If you are hiking in an region exactly where you know there is water I assure that you will be loving this tiny five oz filter vs hauling a complete hydration pack all day.



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