TOTOM – October Staying warm indoors


Locally, winter has arrived. Provided out current 7.two shaker, a single starts to believe challenging about staying warm if there is a utility failure….

I have a main oil heater (A Monitor direct vent – 43K BTU)

with a set of transportable kero heaters
1 is 23K BTU – a Kero Sun clone

and a pair of 9.five K BTU “IR” directional kero heaters.

The a single downside to burning kerosene indoors with the potable units is the quantity of moisture these form of heaters can create. It aids that, in winter, right here in Anchorage, the air is as dry as located in the Gobi desert…

Storage of fuel is somewhat problematic, but there are at least five key fuel dealers right here in the Anchorage Bowl, so the odds are that getting a couple of 55 gal drums for the winter will be – at least in theory – doable. We do maintain five x five gallon containers on hand, and the Monitor can burn ultra-low surfer fuel (Diesel road fuel) with no an concern. .

The Monitor calls for 117 VAC, which I can give by way of a battery/inverter setup. This is additional for rolling blackouts. Notion is to ramp up interior heat with the monitor and then use the portables to keep till the energy is back up.

We at least have a strategy of sorts and the installed gear on hand w/fuel to make it come about.

What do you have planned to keep warm?



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