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One thing occurred to me tonight that taught me a important lesson, to not hold your property defense firearm in a protected not matter how quick you feel you can get to it. I was about to go to sleep when I heard a Definitely loud noise of glass breaking, it took me a second to approach what was taking place and at this point my girl buddy had woken up. My very first instinct was to run to the protected and grab my shot gun. Appropriate ahead of i get to the protected I hear my door open at this point its pitch black and i verbally say (What the fuck?!) I instinctively raise my fists to fight off an intruder but a second goes by and I only hear my girlfriends voice. I turn on the light in the closet that brings light into the space as nicely and saw that it was my girlfriend who had opened the door and locked it ideal away. At this point possibly 20 seconds goes by because the window was broken and I open my protected to retrieve my Winchester 1300. I inform my girlfriend to run into the closet and get in touch with the police although i investigated what was going on. I never have a weapon mounted flash light so i had to grab a smaller flash light and hold it in conjunction with the pump to illuminate the living space as i opened the door. I did not see any one just a large brick on the floor and my broken living space window. I gradually clear the living space and the rooms subsequent to them and to my fortune no one particular was in the apartment. The police arrive 20 minutes later and we filed a report.

I reside in a smaller apartment complicated and my girlfriend and I hold to ourselves, I know my upstairs neighbors have had confrontation with folks and have had their auto windows smashed in so Im guessing that the brick thrower believed we have been them. Nothing at all like this has occurred to me ahead of and it was the very first time a held a weapon with the intent of defending myself and the one particular I really like. Any suggestions on how I could have handled the scenario far better would be appreciated.

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